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RETTE SICH, WER KANN! (Striped Trip) (1961) * with switchable English and German subtitles *

Aleksey Gribov ... Kapitan Ivan Dmitriev Ivan Dmitriev ... Oleg Petrovich, starpom Margarita Nazarova Margarita Nazarova ... Marianna Evgeniy Leonov Evgeniy Leonov ... Gleb Shuleykin Vladimir Belokurov Vladimir Belokurov ... botsman Aleksey Stepanovich Nikolay Volkov Nikolay Volkov ... Agent (as N. Volkov) Aleksandr Benyaminov Aleksandr Benyaminov ... Inostrannyy ukrotitel (as A. Beniaminov) Arkadi Trusov Arkadi Trusov ... Kok (as A. Trusov) Aleksandr Sirin Aleksandr Sirin ... Motya (as V. Sirin) Aleksei Smirnov Aleksei Smirnov ... Valentin Knysh (as A. Smirnov) Aleksey Kozhevnikov Aleksey Kozhevnikov ... Radist (as A. Kozhevnikov) P. Alyabin P. Alyabin ... Matros Vladimir Grave Vladimir Grave ... (as V. Grabe) O. Zhukov O. Zhukov Gennadi Lozhkin Gennadi Lozhkin ... Matros (as G. Lozhkin)

The Onegin, a Soviet freighter, has the unenviable task of transporting tigers and lions from Ceylon back to Odessa. Even less thrilled is the candy salesman on assignment in this humid country, who is tricked into pretending to be an animal tamer and told that if he wants to go home now and not wait for the next ship in five months, he'll go along with the scheme and accompany the animals to the USSR. What can go wrong, right? Well, ask the monkey that's been given to the freighter captain as a gift. The hairy little troublemaker (the monkey, not the captain) decides to have some fun by letting the animals out of their cages. While the crew is beside itself with fear and confusion and the "animal trainer" is about as much use as ... well ... a candy salesman, there's only one person on board who's up to the task of putting things back in order: the captain's niece, Marianna.

DVD-R is in German with switchable English and German subtitles. Approx. 83 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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