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ASSA (1987) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Sergey Solovev Writers: Sergey Livnev, Sergey Solovev Natan Eidelman ... Golos ot avtora (voice) Anatoly Slivnikov Anatoly Slivnikov ... Ambal German Shorr German Shorr ... Chir Ilya Ivanov Ilya Ivanov ... Shar Aleksandr Bashirov Aleksandr Bashirov ... Mayor Viktor Tsoy Viktor Tsoy ... Viktor Tsoy Sergei Ryzhenko Sergei Ryzhenko ... Sergey - skripka Timur Novikov Timur Novikov ... Timur - klavishnye Andrei Krisanov Andrei Krisanov ... Andrey - bas-gitara Georgi Guryanov Georgi Guryanov ... Gustav - udarnye (as Gustav Guryanov) Kirill Kozakov Kirill Kozakov ... Platon Zubov (as Kirill Kazakov) Aleksandr Domogarov Aleksandr Domogarov ... Aleksandr I Dmitriy Dolinin Dmitriy Dolinin ... Pavel I Andrei Khalyavin Andrei Khalyavin ... Boroda - sotrudnik KGB Irena Kuksenaite Irena Kuksenaite ... Sputnitsa Borody

The film has several plot lines. The main plot takes place in the winter of 1980 and tells the story of Alika, a young nurse who stays in Yalta with her patient and lover Krymov, who is considerably older than she is. Krymov is the head of a criminal group and is being watched by inept KGB agents, but Alika is not completely aware of it. In Yalta Alika meets Bananan, a young and eccentric underground rock musician, who introduces her to the Soviet counterculture. When Krymov discovers that Alika is developing a relationship with Bananan, he becomes jealous and tries to convince Bananan to leave Alika and Yalta altogether; after Bananan refuses, Krymov's minions murder him. When he tells Alika about this, she murders him and is arrested by the Militsiya, although they treat her gently.

DVD-R is in Russian with hard-encoded English subtitles. Approx. 150 min. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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