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Harry Herring Alistair Cooke Phyllis Logan Donald Mcbride Tom Watt Denise Welch John Moran Simon Stravocoufis Eric Nicholson Mike Mason Willie Ross Joan Plowright Pippa Hinchley Des Young Danny Dean Will Hay Phillip Knowles Patrick Healy Joe Ging Judi Eric Lyn Douglas John Woodvine Sammy Johnson Stephen Tompkinson Les Wilde Neville Wanless Bob Smeaton Art Davies Sharon Consterdine Val Mclane

As the youngest of the family, Joyce is preoccupied with her love life. She wants to be married, but can't make up her mind to accept Eric who has just joined up and is eager to settle the matter before he is posted abroad. As Joyce's confidante, Helen tolerates her sister's agonies of indecision while hiding her own frustration. With her pronounced limp, Helen assumes that no man will ever want her. George (her dad) is addicted to the piano which he plays with more enthusiasm than skill. Mom takes refuge in her fervent Catholicism while Andy (the grandad) has more regard for his pets than for his family. When they hear the air raid siren for the first time, there's confusion, stuffing tablecloths under the back door to stop the poison gas, desperately chasing about for gas masks and diving under the table when a long high whistle warns of an approaching bomb. 

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 96 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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