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THE LEGEND OF SURAM FORTRESS (1985) * with multiple switchable subtitles *

Veriko Anjaparidze ... Fortune Teller (as Veriko Andjaparidze) Tamari Tsitsishvili Tamari Tsitsishvili Dudukhana Tserodze Dudukhana Tserodze ... Osman-Agha's Mother Dodo Abashidze Dodo Abashidze ... Osman-Agha / Simon Sofiko Chiaureli Sofiko Chiaureli ... Vardo Zura Kipshidze Zura Kipshidze ... Durmish-Khan Levani Levani ... Zurab (as L. Uchaneishvili) Rest of cast listed alphabetically: M. Abaishvili M. Abaishvili Leila Alibegashvilli Leila Alibegashvilli ... Young Vardo G. Ambartsumov G. Ambartsumov Mzia Arabuli Mzia Arabuli ... (as M. Arabuli) L. Arzhanov L. Arzhanov Toma Arzhanov Toma Arzhanov ... (as T. Arzhanov) Paata Baratashvili Paata Baratashvili ... (as P. Baratashvili) Gia Burjanadze Gia Burjanadze ... (as G. Burdzhanadze)

The Suram Fortress is in a constant state of construction -- that's because it's always crumbling just as they're about to complete it. Since the fortress will serve to defend the kingdom from foreign intruders, this is a serious problem. To solve this perplexing mystery, a young man visits a fortune teller who offers a startling proclamation: for the fortress to stand, someone must be buried inside it. Soon enough, the young man realizes that person is him.

DVD-R has Russian voiceover of the original Georgian audio with switchable English, Spanish and German subtitles. Approx. 82 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

NOTE: The Russian voiceover is NOT a dubbing: one male person is speaking all the parts in Russian.

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