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RUMPELSTILTSKIN AND THE GOLDEN SECRET (Das Zaubermännchen) (1960) * with switchable English and German subtitles *

Christoph Engel Writers: Margot Beichler, Gudrun Deubener (as Gudrun Rammler) | 4 more credits » Stars: Karl-Heinz Rothin, Karin Lesch, Reinhard Michalke

Once upon a time, there was a lazy miller, who spent all his time drinking wine and telling lies. When the king's treasurer demands payment of taxes, the miller lies that his daughter Marie can spin straw into gold. The father and daughter are told to report to the palace, where Marie is locked into a tower room full of straw. She is to spin all the straw into gold by the next morning. Of course she does not know how to spin straw into gold, as she tries to explain, and, once left alone, begins to cry. At that moment a little man appears, who says he will spin the straw if Marie gives him something of value. She agrees, gives him her necklace, and he fulfills his part of the bargain. The next morning, the king finds the gold and is delighted. The greedy treasurer makes Marie spin again. Marie must spin three times, and each time the little man comes to the rescue. On the third day, however, she has nothing left to give him, and promises him her first-born child. The little man spins ...

Die Prahlsucht des Müllers Kunz bringt dessen Tochter Marie als Gefangene in das Schloß. Kunz hatte behauptet, sie könne Stroh zu Gold spinnen, und so soll sie nun die leeren Kassen des Königs füllen. Der verzweifelten Marie erscheint plötzlich ein Männchen und spinnt das ganze Stroh zu Gold. Diese Hilfe aber hat ihren Preis: Das Männchen verlangt das erste Kind von ihr. Nach einem Jahr, Marie ist inzwischen die Frau des Königs, kommt ihr Kind zur Welt. Das Männchen will nun seine Belohnung. Die erschrockene Marie fleht das Männchen an, ihr das Kind zu lassen. Dieses zeigt Großmut und ist unter der Bedingung, daß Marie seinen Namen errät, zum Verzicht bereit. Mit Hilfe des Müllerburschen Hans kommt es zum glücklichen Ende.

DVD-r is in German with switchable English and German subtitles. Approx. 69 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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