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A TALE OF LOST TIMES (1964) * with switchable English subtitles *

Oleg Anofriev ... Petya Zubov (as O. Anofriyev) Grisha Plotkin Grisha Plotkin ... Petya Zubov molodoy Sergey Martinson Sergey Martinson ... Prokofiy Prokofyevich (as S. Martinson) Evgeniy Sokolov Evgeniy Sokolov ... Prokofiy Prokofyevich molodoy (as Zhenya Sokolov) Georgiy Vitsin Georgiy Vitsin ... Andrey Andreyevich (as G. Vitsin) Sergei Karponosov Sergei Karponosov ... Andrey Andreyevich molodoy (as Seryozha Karponosov) Irina Murzayeva Irina Murzayeva ... Anna Ivanovna (as I. Murzayeva) Zinaida Kukushkina Zinaida Kukushkina ... Anna Ivanovna molodaya (as Zina Kukushkina) Valentina Telegina Valentina Telegina ... Avdotya Petrovna (as V. Telegina) Tatyana Dontsenko Tatyana Dontsenko ... Avdotya Petrovna molodaya (as Tanya Dontsenko) Lyudmila Shagalova Lyudmila Shagalova ... Marusya Morozova (as L. Shagalova) Vera Volkova Vera Volkova ... Marusya Morozova molodaya Rina Zelyonaya Rina Zelyonaya ... Nadya Lidiya Konstantinova Lidiya Konstantinova ... Nadya molodaya (as Lida Konstantinova) Saveliy Kramarov Saveliy Kramarov ... Vasya (as S. Kramarov) Mikhail Kulayev Mikhail Kulayev ... Vasya molodoy (as Misha Kulayev) Yuri Chekulayev Yuri Chekulayev ... Shyofor (as Yu. Chekulayev) Vadim Grachyov Vadim Grachyov ... Maslyuchenko - serzhant militsii (as V. Grachyov) Evgeniy Morgunov Evgeniy Morgunov ... vladelets Moskvicha (as Ye. Morgunov) Grigoriy Shpigel Grigoriy Shpigel ... Vrach (as G. Shpigel) Yeva Sinelnikova Yeva Sinelnikova ... Kukushechka (voice) (as Ye. Sinelnikova)

Kind and instructive tale of four evil wizards who decides to regain youth. But for this, it is necessary to find people aimlessly wasting their time. Luck smiles on them! They meet four disorderly students. The wizards bewitch the students and turn them into old people, while they themselves become children. But the students have one last chance - before sunset they have to find the home of the wizards and move back magic arrows on the clock.


DVD-R is in Russian with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 75 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!




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