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SEVEN SLAVES AGAINST ROME (1964) * with switchable English and Italian subtitles *

Michele Lupo Writers: Roberto Gianviti, Michele Lupo Roger Browne ... Marcus Gordon Mitchell Gordon Mitchell ... Balisten Arnaldo Fabrizio Arnaldo Fabrizio ... Goliath Scilla Gabel Scilla Gabel ... Claudia Aldo Pini Aldo Pini ... Traidor Alfredo Rizzo Alfredo Rizzo ... Efrem Giacomo Rossi Stuart Giacomo Rossi Stuart ... Gaius (as Giacomo Rossi-Stuart) Carlo Tamberlani Carlo Tamberlani ... Lucius Terentius Germano Longo Germano Longo ... Lucius Emilius Luciana Vincenzi Luciana Vincenzi Alfio Caltabiano Alfio Caltabiano ... Gladiatore Calisto Calisti Calisto Calisti ... Selim

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