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LES DEUX TIMIDES (Two Timid Souls) (1928) * with switchable English and hard-encoded German subtitles *

René Clair, Eugène Labiche; Pierre Batcheff ... Fremissin Jim Gérald Jim Gérald ... Garadoux Véra Flory Véra Flory ... Cecile Thibaudier Maurice de Féraudy Maurice de Féraudy ... Thibaudier Françoise Rosay Françoise Rosay ... The aunt Madeleine Guitty Madeleine Guitty ... The maid Yvette Andréyor Yvette Andréyor ... Mme. Garadoux Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Léon Larive Léon Larive Anna Lefeuvrier Anna Lefeuvrier Louis Pré Fils Louis Pré Fils ... A cousin (as Pré fils) Antoine Stacquet Antoine Stacquet ... The substitute (as Stacquet) Odette Talazac Odette Talazac

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