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Werner Jacobs Writer: Karl Georg Külb (screenplay) (as K.G. Külb) Stars: Cornelia Froboess, Peter Kraus, Gustav Knuth |

Pretty Conny's working at her uncle's swanky hotel to get to know the hospitality industry. Apparently, she should've gotten to know how to use a bicycle first; for one day, out in the countryside, she drives her bike into a ditch, because she's too busy singing to notice the truck on her tail. Luckily, Peter, a waiter at the same hotel, drives by and, seeing her in distress, thinks the best way to help her is to sing a song. When Peter gets fired by his shady boss, Conny gets him a job as an assistant to the hotel's idiot-detective Magerli. In addition to the usual heavy workload the two "detectives" would normally have --- thanks to Magerli's incompetence --- they now have even more to contend with, because the hotel's been targeted by a bunch of thieves, who've caught on to the house detective's stupidity. But the crooks never counted on having to contend with Conny and Peter. After all, who needs alarm systems and armed guards when you've got their singing?

Die hübsche Conny arbeitet im noblen Palace-Hotel ihres Onkels, um das Hotelfach kennen zu lernen. Bei einem Fahrradunfall begegnet sie Peter, der als Kellner jobbt. Als Peter von seinem zwielichtigen Chef gefeuert wird, bringt ihn Conny als Assistenten des trotteligen Hoteldetektivs Mägerli im Palace-Hotel unter. Hier gibt es jede Menge zu tun, denn immer dreistere Diebstähle sorgen seit kurzer Zeit für Aufregung. Doch die Diebe haben nicht mit Conny und Peter gerechnet.

DVD-R is in German with no subtitles.  Approx. 82 mins.  See video sample for picture and audio quality!

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