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GROWTH OF THE SOIL (1921) * with multiple, switchable subtitles *

Arthur Maria Rabenalt Writers: Rolf O. Becker-Riepen (novel), Rolf Olsen | 1 more credit ยป Stars: Freddy Quinn, Karin Dor, Werner Pochath

Isak, a middle-aged wanderer, builds himself a homestead in the middle of the wilderness. Eventually he is joined by Inger who is described in a caption as "comely" but disfigured with a hare lip. Together they tame the wilderness and have three children. Two boys and a girl. The girl is is born with a hare lip and Inger kills and buries her. The burial is seen by Oline, a less than nice neighbor, who spreads the news. Eventually Inger is tried and convicted to eight years in prison, little realizing she is again already pregnant. Isak is heartbroken but continues to bring up his two sons. He sells some of his land to a copper mining company and becomes relatively wealthy. More settlers buy land around the homestead. Inger is released after eight years and returns home with the daughter she has born while in jail. The action then switches to the next generation, Barbro, the daughter of a neighbor, and Axel, a strapping lad with a beard, get together. She then learns that her Axel is taking a job that rightfully belongs to her father. She falls into a river while in labour and the baby dies. She is tried for murder in 'the city'. Meanwhile her husband stupidly manages to get himself trapped under a falling tree. He calls for help. The only person within earshot is Barbro's father (why neither of these two is in the city at the trial is not explained) The Father walks on by leaving Axel to die. Barbro is acquitted, and returns home to find her husband still alive under the tree. She goes and gets Isak to help. He pulls Axel free and the pair are reconciled. There is a wedding and Isak and Inger slip away to look at the sky and wonder at the marvels of nature and the rural idyll that they have created.

DVD-r  has intertitles in English, German, Spanish, Norwegian and French. Approx. 95 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!


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