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Hans Grimm Writers: Max Rottmann (screenplay), Lothar Gündisch (collaborator on screenplay) Stars: Vivi Bach, Claus Biederstaedt, Grethe Weiser

Young Evelyn Bender has music in her blood, as the saying goes. That's not hard to understand, given that she's the daughter of a very successful jukebox manufacturer. For her strict father, however, her musical whims are a pain in the ass; and so, he decides to send her to a boarding school on the Worthersee. Not the brightest of moves, since Evelyn now finds herself completely free of any paternal restrictions and interference and soon creates a student-band of like-minded, whimsical pains-in-the-ass. Among the members of this band is music student Hans, who becomes Evelyn's great love. Unfortunately for her, dad wasn't so dumb after all: he's sent two watchdogs to put the bite on her freewheeling partying around and who are to keep her grounded like a well-heeled nun. Now Evelyn will have to contend with her good-natured chauffeur Adalbert and her admirer Freddy, who seems to be one sandwich short of a picnic.

Die junge Evelyn Bender hat, wie man so sagt, Musik im Blut - kein Wunder, ist sie doch die Tochter eines erfolgreichen Musikbox-Fabrikanten. Ihrem strengen Papa sind die musikalischen Flausen jedoch ein Dorn im Auge, weshalb er sein Töchterchen in ein Internat am Wörthersee schickt. Hier kommt die gewitzte Eveylin allerdings erst so richtig in Schwung. In einer Studentenband findet sie Gleichgesinnte - und in dem Musikstudenten Hans ihre große Liebe. Zu dumm nur, dass ihr Vater gleich zwei Aufpasser auf sie angesetzt hat: den gutmütigen Chauffeur Adalbert und Evelyns leicht linkischen Verehrer Freddy.

DVD-r is in German with no subtitles. Approx. 86 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!


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