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Roland West (screenplay), C. Gardner Sullivan Chester Morris ... Chick Williams (as Mr. Chester Morris) Harry Stubbs Harry Stubbs ... Buck Bachman (as Mr. Harry Stubbs) Mae Busch Mae Busch ... Daisy Thomas (as Miss Mae Busch) Eleanor Griffith Eleanor Griffith ... Joan Manning Williams (as Miss Eleanor Griffith) Irma Harrison Irma Harrison ... Toots (as Miss Irma Harrison) Regis Toomey Regis Toomey ... Danny McGann (as Mr. Regis Toomey) Al Hill Al Hill ... Brown - a Crook (as Mr. Al Hill) James Bradbury Jr. James Bradbury Jr. ... Blake - a Crook (as Mr. James Bradbury Jr.) Elmer Ballard Elmer Ballard ... Soft Malone - Cab Driver (as Mr. Elmer Ballard) Kernan Cripps Kernan Cripps ... Trask - Plainclothesman (as Mr. Kernan Cripps) Purnell Pratt Purnell Pratt ... Police Sgt. Pete Manning (as Mr. Purnell B. Pratt) Pat O'Malley Pat O'Malley ... Detective Sgt. Tommy Glennon (as Mr. Pat O'Malley) DeWitt Jennings DeWitt Jennings ... Officer O'Brien (as Mr. DeWitt Jennings) Ed Brady Ed Brady ... George Stanislaus David (as Mr. Ed Brady) Virginia Flohri Virginia Flohri ... Singer in Theater (as Miss Virginia Flohri) George Abbott (adaptation), Dana Burnet Nancy Carroll ... Mary Phillips Holmes Phillips Holmes ... Joe Bartlett Louis Calhern Louis Calhern ... Steve Perry Edward Keane Edward Keane ... Detective Morgan Joan Carr Joan Carr ... Mrs. Woodbridge-Wood G. Albert Smith G. Albert Smith ... Harvey Dagmar Oakland Dagmar Oakland ... Dorothea Guy Kibbee Guy Kibbee ... Police Commissioner Joseph Crehan Joseph Crehan ... Henry - Steve's Butler Edward Ryan Edward Ryan ... Child on Beach (as Eddie Ryan) Margaret McNamara Margaret McNamara ... Child on Beach Tom Carter Tom Carter ... Traffic Controller

ALIBI  (1929):

Chick Williams, a prohibition gangster, rejoins his mob soon after being released from prison. When a policeman is murdered during a robbery, he falls under suspicion. The gangster took Joan, a policeman's daughter, to the theater, snuck out during the intermission to commit the crime, then used her to support his alibi. The detective squad employs its most sophisticated and barbaric techniques, including planting an undercover agent in the gang, to bring him to justice.

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 83 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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A prostitute is followed by a young man through an ugly and shadowy city. She thinks he's drunk, but it turns out he's been wounded in the robbery of a radio factory where he used to work. As the police swarm into the seedy tenement, she decides to help him and the two form an uneasy alliance culminating in a suicide pact. 

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 69 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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