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Harold Young Writers: Elmer Davis (story), Virginia Van Upp Francis Lederer ... Count Ferdinand von und zu Reidenach Ann Sothern Ann Sothern ... Mary Cantillon Fred Stone Fred Stone ... Lafe Cantillon Billie Burke Billie Burke ... Mrs. Robert Cantillon Ernest Cossart Ernest Cossart ... Adolph Grant Mitchell Grant Mitchell ... Robert Cantillon Hal K. Dawson Hal K. Dawson ... Stephen Cantillon Helene Millard Helene Millard ... Mrs. Vincent Cantillon Adrian Morris Adrian Morris ... Vincent Cantillon Dora Clement Dora Clement ... Agnes, Mrs. Stephen Cantillon C. Montague Shaw C. Montague Shaw ... Butler (as Montague Shaw) Frank Borzage Writers: Jo Swerling (screenplay and adaptation), Ferenc Molnár Frankie Darro ... Feri Ats George P. Breakston George P. Breakston ... Nemecsek (as George Breakston) Jimmy Butler Jimmy Butler ... Boka (as Jimmie Butler) Jackie Searl Jackie Searl ... Gareb Donald Haines Donald Haines ... Csonakos Rolf Ernest Rolf Ernest ... Ferdie Pasztor Julius Molnar Julius Molnar ... Henry Pasztor Wesley Giraud Wesley Giraud ... Kolnay Beaudine Anderson Beaudine Anderson ... Csele Bruce Line Bruce Line ... Richter Samuel S. Hinds Samuel S. Hinds ... Gareb's Grandfather (as Samuel Hinds) Christian Rub Christian Rub ... Watchman Ralph Morgan Ralph Morgan ... Nemecsek's Father Lois Wilson Lois Wilson ... Nemeecsek's Mother Egon Brecher Egon Brecher ... Professor Racz


The story opens in Smelter City, Arizona, where the richest man in town is grizzled old Indian fighter Lafe Cantillon. Lafe’s social-climbing sister-in-law insists that her daughter Mary wed a titled European, Count Ferdinand. Much to Lafe’s delight, Mary isn’t assimilated into Continental high society; instead, she instructs Count Ferdinand in the virtues of good, old-fashioned American democracy. And, of, course, the Count and Lafe become great chums, when the “furriner” proves that he can ride a bucking bronco with the best of ’em.

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 73 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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Adapted from The Paul Street Boys, an autobiographical novel by Ferenc Molnar, No Greater Glory is an unusually sensitive evocation of the pain of youth and the senselessness of war. Frail Nemecsek, a lonely boy who yearns to belong, worships Boka, the self-sufficent, charismatic leader of a well-organized gang, decked out in uniforms and sporting their own flag. The perennial outsider sees his chance to win a respected place in Butler's army, when their flag is stolen and war breaks out with another gang.

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 73 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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