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MISS HOTHEAD (Neiti Tuittupää) (1943) * with switchable English subtitles *

Valentin Vaala Writers: Martti Larni, Hilja Valtonen Lea Joutseno ... Anna Tipuli Pusu Tapio Nurkka Tapio Nurkka ... Erkki Erä Tauno Majuri Tauno Majuri ... Tauno Hyrkäs Rakel Linnanheimo Rakel Linnanheimo ... Lahja Hyrkäs Arvi Tuomi Arvi Tuomi ... Paavo Kilpi Salli Karuna Salli Karuna ... Uxen Eine Laine Eine Laine ... Myhkyrä Elli Ylimaa Elli Ylimaa ... Beata Bohm Rauha Rentola Rauha Rentola ... Aune Risku Aune Hämäläinen Aune Hämäläinen ... Saima Solmu Eva-Lisa Viljanen Eva-Lisa Viljanen ... Eva Palmén Anitra Karto Anitra Karto ... Elli Pellinen Wilho Ilmari Wilho Ilmari ... Heikki Pusu (as Vilho Ilmari) Tyyne Haarla Tyyne Haarla ... Anna's mother Artturi Laakso Artturi Laakso ... Erkki's father

Anna Tipuli Pusu is the outspoken daughter of a primary school teacher, is unable to get into the music school she wishes to attend. Her relatives are just fine with that, as they consider her desire to become a concert pianist as an unworthy profession. At her brother's urging, Anna instead begins to study law at the University of Helsinki. Though not happy with her new field of study, she is diligent and successful; but the wild life of students isn't suitable for her. So, again following the advice of another person, who says that the law doesn't suit a woman, Anna now becomes a nurse-in-training and, while doing so, runs into the violinist she used to perform with and for whom she has more than a mild interest.

DVD-R is in Finnish with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 78 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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