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George Sherman Writer: Curt Siodmak John Abbott ... Jack Rawlings Mary McLeod Mary McLeod ... Mary Tillet Lloyd Corrigan Lloyd Corrigan ... Inspector Harris Lester Matthews Lester Matthews ... Oliver Madison Anita Sharp-Bolster Anita Sharp-Bolster ... Mrs. Pringle (as Anita Bolster) Louis Borel Louis Borel ... Peter Dongen (as Louis Borell) Billy Bevan Billy Bevan ... Air Raid Warden Lumsden Hare Lumsden Hare ... Supt. Neil Frederick Worlock Frederick Worlock ... Eugene Caldwell (as Frederic Worlock) Carl Harbord Carl Harbord ... George Sandleigh Keith Hitchcock Keith Hitchcock ... Village Constable Tom Stevenson Tom Stevenson ... Police Doctor Herbert Brenon Writers: Dudley Leslie (scenario), Marjorie Deans Otto Kruger ... Dr. Stanley Norton Leonora Corbett Leonora Corbett ... Helen Pryor Francis Lister Francis Lister ... Dr. Henry Pryor Aileen Marson Aileen Marson ... Vera Kennedy Lawrence Anderson Lawrence Anderson ... Lloyd Eric Stanley Eric Stanley ... Sir George Parker Charles Mortimer Charles Mortimer ... Inspector Webster Hubert Harben Hubert Harben ... President of Council Iris Hoey Iris Hoey ... Lady Annesley James Carew James Carew ... Lingard Jimmy Godden Jimmy Godden ... Member of Council Hartley Power Hartley Power ... District Attorney Hilda Campbell-Russell Hilda Campbell-Russell ... Nurse Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Johnnie Schofield Johnnie Schofield ... Prisoner


During the dark days of World War II, young Mary Tillet is bombed out of her home and forced to seek lodgings upstairs at a tobacconist's. Her kindly, but mysterious, landlord, Jack Rawlings, attempts to transform the empty, web-strewn apartment into a home. After reading newspaper accounts of the "London Blackout Murders," Mary is plagued by dread. Is her landlord a hero, or a sinister assassin? Taken as a period piece, the movie is a gem that briskly portrays the effects of wartime shortages, women in the workplace, and the moral ambiguity inherent in life-or-death situations. 

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 53 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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When Doctor Stanley Norton finds his partner, Doctor Henry Pryor, has been illegally selling drugs to addicts, he dissolves the partnership. Seeking revenge, Pryor accuses Norton of misconduct with Pryor's wife, Helen. The case is reviewed before the General Medical Council and Norton is struck off the register on the false testimony of Vera Kennedy, Pryor's mistress. The case discloses that Norton and Helen love each other and it also publicly reveals Pryor's traffic in drugs and he is sentenced to two years in prison. Helen and Norton migrate to the state of Montana and after dreary years of struggle, under another name, achieves success. He is a famous Park Avenue heart specialist when Pryor, embittered, broken and bent on revenge, gets into Norton's home by a ruse. His game is blackmail and his weapon the fact that Helen is still his lawful wife. 

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 68 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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