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CHICAGO (1927)

Frank Urson Writers: Maurine Dallas Watkins (play), Lenore J. Coffee Phyllis Haver ... Roxie Hart Victor Varconi Victor Varconi ... Amos Hart Virginia Bradford Virginia Bradford ... Katie Robert Edeson Robert Edeson ... William Flynn Eugene Pallette Eugene Pallette ... Rodney Casley Warner Richmond Warner Richmond ... Asst. District Attorney T. Roy Barnes T. Roy Barnes ... Reporter Clarence Burton Clarence Burton ... Police sergeant Julia Faye Julia Faye ... Velma May Robson May Robson ... Mrs. Morton - Matron Viola Louie Viola Louie ... Two Gun Rosie

Amos Hart wakes up and makes breakfast for Roxie, his wife, who makes light of his obvious affection. He goes to his job at a nearby cigar store, meeting Katie, the cleaning girl, who thanks him for a coupon that allowed her to buy an "Ingersoll" (an inexpensive pocket watch). At Amos' store, a customer jokes he's about to give his girl "the air." The customer, who is Roxie's lover, arrives at her flat and makes it clear he's tired of her demands for money. She attempts to seduce him and take more money, but he throws her to the ground as he leaves, and she picks up a gun and shoots him, all while the player piano continues to play a jaunty tune. She calls Amos and asks him for help. Amos recognizes the man from the store, but tells the police that he killed the man in self defense. 

DVD-R has English intertitles with no subtitles. Approx. 103 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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