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Norman Z. McLeod Writers: Lucien Littlefield (story), Chandler Sprague (story) Mary Boland ... Tessie Weeks Charles Ruggles Charles Ruggles ... Chester Beatty (as Charlie Ruggles) George Barbier George Barbier ... Horace Stanton Gail Patrick Gail Patrick ... Grace Stanton Robert McWade Robert McWade ... Burgess Frisbie Lucien Littlefield Lucien Littlefield ... Mr. O'Leary Colin Tapley Colin Tapley ... Dr. Vernon Helen Flint Helen Flint ... Mrs. Duvall Rae Daggett Rae Daggett ... Miss Benson Sidney Blackmer Sidney Blackmer ... Rex Daniels Arthur Hoyt Arthur Hoyt ... Smithers Billy Gilbert Billy Gilbert ... Burger

Chester Beatty and Tessie Weeks have been engaged for five years and going together for fifteen before that. Chester is reluctant to burden Tessie with marriage, because of his secret problem: he's a sleepwalker. When Tessie finally does rope Chester into marriage, he can't get time off from his boss of 26 years, Mr. Frisbee. To resolve the problem, Chester sets out to impress his boss by securing a big sales contract of glass eyes. He takes Tessie and follows the rich doll company owner Horace B. Stanton to a lakeside resort and befriends him. However, his sleep-walking makes him a prime suspect in a thievery/murder case.

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 72 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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