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Frank Lloyd (adaptation), H.B. Somerville (story) Norma Talmadge ... Yolande de Breux Conway Tearle Conway Tearle ... Rupert de Vrieac Wallace Beery Wallace Beery ... Duc de Tours Josephine Crowell Josephine Crowell ... Catherine de Medici Betty Francisco Betty Francisco ... Margot de Vancoire Claire McDowell Claire McDowell ... Margot's Aunt Courtenay Foote Courtenay Foote ... Comte de la Roche James Cooley James Cooley ... Paul George Beranger George Beranger ... Charles IX (as Andre de Beranger) Boyd Irwin Boyd Irwin ... Duc de Guise Winter Hall Winter Hall ... The Bishop William Clifford William Clifford ... André Murdock MacQuarrie Murdock MacQuarrie ... Carlotte Carmen Phillips Carmen Phillips ... Marie Hector V. Sarno Hector V. Sarno ... Gallon

When Empress Catherine of France launches an attack on French Protestants, the Comte de la Roche saves the life of his enemy, Rupert de Vrieac, by making him an indentured servant in his castle. Rupert falls in love with Yolande, the count's sister, and finds that his rival for the fair Yolande's hand is none other than the despicable Duc de Tours, a notorious torturer of Huguenots.   

DVD-R has English intertitles with no subtitles.  Approx. 105 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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