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Marcel L'Herbier Writers: Jean-Georges Auriol (adaptation) (as J.G. Auriol) Victor Francen ... Pierre Moret Sessue Hayakawa Sessue Hayakawa ... Prince Hu-Long Louis Jouvet Louis Jouvet ... Valfar Lise Delamare Lise Delamare ... Denise Moret (as Lise Delamare de la Comédie Française) Lucas Gridoux Lucas Gridoux ... Tang-Si (as Lucas-Gridoux) Ève Francis Ève Francis ... Mrs. Curtis Lucien Nat Lucien Nat ... Maître Ribeyre Pierre Magnier Pierre Magnier ... Le Président de la société Jean Brochard Jean Brochard ... Félicien (as Brochard) Sylvia Bataille Sylvia Bataille ... Ming

An engineer's wife takes a truck to the site where her husband is building a bridge. The first thing she notices is the mark of a dragon branded on the shoulders of the coolies who are being driven out with her. On the way to the site, shots ring out, and one of the men is hit. The wounded man has to go the hospital, and, by chance, another car drives up with Prince Lee Lang in the back. The Prince volunteers to drive her to her husband's site. She leaves a glove in the Prince's car. Pierre Morel, her husband, is angry about the shooting, and sends people out to take care of it. Apparently, they are having trouble building the bridge. The next day, at Prince Lee Lang's house, Valfar, his business partner and Ming, their secretary, are introduced. The Prince is an art collector, and mentions to Valfar that he would like to add Denise to his collection of art objects. 

Denise Moret se rend en Mongolie pour rejoindre Pierre, son mari, qui travaille comme ingénieur du génie civil sur un chantier. Un soir elle perd beaucoup au jeu (100.000 francs valeur 1937) et emprunte de l'argent au prince Lee-Lang. Peu après il lui fait des avances de nature sexuelle qu'elle repousse. Le prince se venge d'abord en sabotant le travail de Pierre. 

DVD-R is in French with no subtitles. Approx. 94 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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