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Rosi Barsony, Károly Sugar and Wolf Albach-Retty

A combination of glorified travelogue, musical comedy romance and Magyar patriotic propaganda labeled "Und Es Leuchtet Die Pustza" ("And the Pustza Gleams") was a joint German-Hungarian venture.  Basing the action upon a standard Hungarian piece by Koloman Mikszath. the director, Heinz Hille, has used the practically unlimited technical resources of the big German film concern and the willing cooperation of the Hungarian Government to turn out a charming production which likely brought more visitors to the great Hungarian plains and to the Budapest of song and romance.

Here, Hungary puts her best foot forward and life with the herds of blooded horses and cattle, in the vineyards and in the capital is well worth living, even for an irredentist.  Rose Barsony, the pretty blonde Magyar dancer and singer, who, with the likely young Wolf Albach-Retty, occupies the centre of the screen most of the time, is excellent.  For real acting, however, the honors are with Karoly Sugar, as the old manager of a spendthrift nobleman's estate who saves the patrimony of the latter's daughter.  Although many of the actors are Magyars, they speak German with fluency.  The photography is clear and the musical numbers are catchy.

DVD-R is in German with no subtitles. Approx. 70 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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