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ALL MY COMPATRIOTS (Vsichni dobri rodaci) (1968) * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *

Directed by Vojtěch Jasný Written by Vojtěch Jasný Produced by Jaroslav Jílovec Starring Vlastimil Brodský Cinematography Jaroslav Kučera Edited by Miroslav Hájek Music by Svatopluk Havelka Radoslav Brzobohatý as Peasant František Věra Galatíková as František's wife Vlastimil Brodský as Organist Očenáš Vladimír Menšík as Jořka Pyřk Waldemar Matuška as Peasant Zášinek Drahomíra Hofmanová as Widow Machačová Pavel Pavlovský as Postman Bertin Václav Babka as tailor Franta Lampa Josef Hlinomaz as Painter Frajz Karel Augusta as Bricklayer Joza Trňa Ilja Prachař as Photographer Josef Plecmera Václav Lohniský as Zejvala Jiří Tomek Helena Růžičková as Božka Oldřich Velen as Policeman

The film begins in 1945 and traces the seasonal or annual changes that a small Moravian village undergoes until sometime after 1958. The first part establishes the innocence and camaraderie of a village amidst the backdrop of a postwar landscape in 1948. Children play with guns and a landmine is discovered while ploughing the fields. A group of villagers detonate it and end the night dancing and drinking in the local pub. They leave at dawn as the sun rises on a beautiful, idyllic landscape and stop to sleep beneath a tree after taking in the view. In 1948, It is just months after the Communists have taken power in February. Loudspeakers blare propaganda and announce rations while the farmer František works. Four village notables have already joined the Communists.

DVD-R is in Czech with switchable English and Spanish subtitles. Approx. 120 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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