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THE CAT'S PAW (1934)

Sam Taylor, Harold Lloyd (uncredited) Writers: Clarence Budington Kelland (story), Sam Taylor (screen play) Harold Lloyd ... Ezekiel Cobb Una Merkel Una Merkel ... Pet Pratt George Barbier George Barbier ... Jake Mayo Nat Pendleton Nat Pendleton ... Strozzi Grace Bradley Grace Bradley ... Dolores Doce Alan Dinehart Alan Dinehart ... Mayor Ed Morgan Grant Mitchell Grant Mitchell ... Silk Hat McGee E. Alyn Warren E. Alyn Warren ... Tien Wang (as Fred Warren) Warren Hymer Warren Hymer ... 'Spike' Slattery J. Farrell MacDonald J. Farrell MacDonald ... Shigley (as J. Farrell Macdonald) James Donlan James Donlan ... Red - the Reporter Edwin Maxwell Edwin Maxwell ... District Attorney Neal Frank Sheridan Frank Sheridan ... Dan Moriarity - Police Commissioner Fuzzy Knight Fuzzy Knight ... Stuttering Gangster Vince Barnett Vince Barnett ... Wilks - a Gangster (as Vincent Barnett)

A son of Christian missionaries, Ezekial Cobb lived in a small isolated town in China for twenty years, since he was an adolescent. Because of this sheltered life, Ezekial, who follows the teaching of Chinese poet and philosopher Ling Po, is a naive and overly trusting man. His parents send him back to his birthplace of Stockport, California, so he can find a wife (and for the two of them to return to China to continue proselytizing). In the big city of Stockport, Ezekial, being unwise to the ways of the world, gets him into one misadventure after another. Jake Mayo equates Ezekial's simplicity with being a pushover, just the type of person he needs to run as mayor on behalf of the Good Government League - the reform ticket - which is solely a front for the corrupt political machine in power who want to make it look like the election is being run in a true democratic fashion. Although Ezekial accepts the nomination on the premise he will lose as his primary goal is to find that wife and return to China, Ezekial, a man with integrity, may have different goals once he learns how corrupt politics in Stockport truly is. 

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 97 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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