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Clyde Bruckman, Malcolm St. Clair (uncredited) Writers: Paul Gerard Smith (dialogue), Felix Adler (story) Harold Lloyd ... Harold Bledsoe Barbara Kent Barbara Kent ... Billie Lee Noah Young Noah Young ... Officer Patrick Clancy Charles Middleton Charles Middleton ... John Thorne aka The Dragon (as Chas. Middleton) Will Walling Will Walling ... Police Captain Walton (as William Walling) Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Grady Sutton Grady Sutton ... Man at Party

The San Francisco Police Department is receiving bad press for not being able to control illegal activities in Chinatown; especially that of an unknown figure named "The Dragon", who leads a dope ring and commits tong murders. As such, Captain Walton of the 3rd Division, which is Chinatown's jurisdiction, decides to call in Harold Bledsoe, the son of the former renowned and now deceased police chief, Jim Bledsoe, to assist in the investigation, despite the Captain not knowing anything about Harold. Harold ends up being nothing like his father, being a bespectacled, fussbudget of a man, who meddles in everything he comes across, and who focuses on his fascinations in life (currently being primarily horticulture). Upon his arrival at the 3rd Division, Harold has a new fascination, namely fingerprinting, trying to get fingerprints for whomever he meets. Using this new fascination, the rank and file in the 3rd Division are able to send Harold on a wild goose chase in Chinatown, solely to get them out of his hair. But in doing so, they are unwittingly sending him into the middle of the activities of The Dragon. 

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 112 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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