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THE MERCHANT OF VENICE (Der Kaufmann von Venedig) (1923)

Werner Krauss - Shylock (Mordecai) Henny Porten - Porzia (Beatrice) Harry Liedtke - Bassanio (Giannetto) Carl Ebert - Antonio (Benito)[note 1] Max Schreck - Der Doge von Venedig (Doge of Venice) Ferdinand von Alten - Prinz von Arragon (Prince of Aragon) Albert Steinrück - Tubal (Tubal) Frida Richard - Shylocks Mutter (Wife of Mordecai) Lia Eibenschütz - Jessica (Rachela) Hans Brausewetter - Lanzelot Gobbo (Elias) Jakob Tiedtke - Beppo (Marco)

The Venetian merchant Antonio is in a difficult financial situation. To help his friend Bassanio, who is campaigning for the heiress Portia, he goes, though in disgust, to the Jewish money lender Shylock to borrow funds. If Antonio can't repay the debt, Shylock will be allowed to cut a pound of flesh out of Antonio's body. 

DVD-R is silent with English intertitles and no subtitles. Approx. 91 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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