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Directed by Oscar Micheaux Evelyn Preer as Sylvia Landry Floy Clements as Alma Prichard[1] James D. Ruffin as Conrad Drebert, Sylvia's Fiancé Jack Chenault as Larry Prichard, Alma's Stepbrother William Smith as Philip Gentry, a detective Charles D. Lucas as Dr. V. Vivian Bernice Ladd as Mrs. Geraldine Stratton Mrs. Evelyn as Mrs. Elena Warwick William Starks as Jasper Landry Ralph Johnson as Philip Gridlestone E.G. Tatum as Efrem Grant Edwards as Emil Grant Gorman as Armand Gridlestone Mattie Edwards S.T. Jacks Jimmie Cook Directed by Frank Peregini Written by David Starkman Harry Henderson as Alvin Hillyard Norman Johnstone as Eddie Blake Ann Kennedy as Lucretia Green Lucia Lynn Moses as Louise Howard William E. Pettus as 'Spike' Howard Lawrence Chenault as Ralph Hathaway Pearl McCormack as Alice Hathaway Charles Gilpin as LIio Club Gambler (uncredited) Shingzie Howard as Louise's Maid (uncredited)


Sylvia Landry, a young Negress, is visiting her cousin Alma in the North. Landry is waiting for the return of Conrad, as they plan to marry. Alma also loves Conrad. Larry, Alma's step brother, attempts to woo Sylvia, but is rebuffed. Larry kills a professional gambler after cheating during a game of poker. Alma arranges for Sylvia to be caught in a seemingly compromising situation by Conrad when he returns. Conrad begins to strangle Sylvia but is stopped by Alma. Conrad leaves for Brazil. Sylvia returns to the South. Sylvia meets Reverend Jacobs, a minister who runs a rural school for black children called Piney Woods School. The school is overcrowded, and Reverend Jacobs cannot continue on the small amount offered to Blacks for education by the state. With the school facing closure, Sylvia volunteers to return to the North to try to raise $5,000. 

DVD-R has English intertitles with no subtitles. Approx. 71 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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While practicing piano, Alvin sees Louise being beaten by Spike, and he rescues her and then brings her back to Lucretia’s house. Lucretia, the owner of the boarding house where Alvin is residing, allows Louise to stay in return for chores around the house. Eddie meets with Spike, who has a black eye after the incident, and the former attempts to convince Spike to let Louise work as an entertainer for him. Spike doesn’t seem enthusiastic and shows regret for beating her, which he later credits to his alcoholism. Spike has some desire to allow his daughter to escape the kind of life he is stuck in, but he is unable to change any of his actions without being sucked into his old lifestyle by the alcohol supplied by Eddie. Eddie learns the truth about the confrontation between Alvin and Spike during dinner at Lucretia’s. Later in the evening, Eddie forcefully attempts to bring Louise back to her “old pappy” but again Alvin intervenes. 

DVD-R has English intertitles with no subtitles. Approx. 85 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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