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TWO FILM DVD: THE SECOND FACE (1950) + THE HEAD (Die Nackte und der Satan) (1959)

Directed by Jack Bernhard Written by Eugene Vale Produced by Edward Leven Ella Raines as Phyllis Holmes Bruce Bennett as Paul Curtis Rita Johnson as Claire Elwood John Sutton as Jerry Allison Patricia Knight as Lynn Hamilton Roy Roberts as Allan Wesson Jane Darwell as Mrs. Lockridge Paul Cavanagh as Todd Williams Frances Karath as Annie Curtis, Paul's young daughter Mauritz Hugo as Dr. Vaughn Pierre Watkin as Mr. Hamilton (as Pierre Watkins) Charles Lane as Mr. West Grandon Rhodes as Floyd Moran Directed by Victor Trivas Horst Frank - Dr. Brandt - alias Dr. Ood Michel Simon - Prof. Dr. Abel Karin Kernke [de] - Schwester Irene Sander Helmut Schmid - Bert Jaeger Paul Dahlke - Police Commissioner Sturm Dieter Eppler - Paul Lerner Kurt Müller-Graf [de] - Dr. Walter Burke Christiane Maybach - Lilly


Phyllis works as a secretary to Paul Curtis in Fresno, California. Paul is attracted to her, despite her plainness, but is afraid to risk another potentially disastrous marriage (he is divorced). Mrs. Lockridge, his longtime housekeeper, is unable to get him to change his mind. As Phyllis has just graduated from design school, Paul puts her in touch with Claire Elwood, who works in a fashionable Los Angeles dress shop; Claire's boss, Floyd Moran, is impressed by Phyllis's dress designs, and offers her a job as a salesperson with a promotion to designer, if she works out. Claire arranges a double date for Phyllis before she arrives, but Jerry Allison, Phyllis's blind date, makes an excuse when he sees what she looks like. Moran, also put off by her looks, does not give her the promised job. When Phyllis is unable to find work, Claire has her fiancé, advertising man Allan Wesson, take her on as a secretary. Will things work out for Phyllis now or will she have to engage Perry Mason in a discrimination suit for ugliness?

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 77 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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THE HEAD (1959):

The unscrupulous and ambitious Dr. Ood goes to see brilliant scientist Professor Abel one evening. Before entering the house, Ood sees hunchbacked and disabled nurse Irene Sander enter Abel's home. At an open window, he overhears Irene telling the professor's assistant that Abel is about to operated on a young, misshapen woman. It turns out Abel's been transplanting body parts and was successful in recently severing a dog's head from its body and keeping it alive artificially for four month using a device he constructed. Is he next going to transfer the heart of a dog into a man, or will he operate on Phyllis, because she's too ugly to get a job?

Der ebenso gewissenlose wie ehrgeizige Dr. Ood will eines Abends den genialen Wissenschaftler Prof. Dr. Abel besuchen. Bevor er dessen Haus betritt, sieht Ood, wie die mit einem Buckel behaftete und gehbehinderte Krankenschwester Irene Sander Abels Haus betritt. Am offenen Fenster belauscht er ein Gespräch zwischen Irene und Abels Assistenten Dr. Burke, ihrem Cousin. Dort geht es darum, dass Abel demnächst die junge, missgestaltete Frau operieren soll. Nachdem die Schwester das Haus verlassen hat, betritt Ood Abels Anwesen. Ood erklärt Abel, in dessen Anwesenheit sich auch der Chirurg Burke und Abels Laborassistent Bert Jäger befinden, dass er mit großem Interesse Abels Arbeit an der Transplantation von Körperteilen verfolgt habe. Abel war kurz zuvor ein sensationelles Experiment geglückt: Er hatte den Kopf eines Hundes von dessen Rumpf abgetrennt und ihn in den folgenden vier Monaten mittels eines von ihm konstruierten Apparates künstlich am Leben erhalten. 

DVD-R has both German and English audio tracks with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 95 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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