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THE SAND CITY IN MANCHURIA (1960) * with switchable English subtitles *

Directed by Shmuel Hasfari Written by Hanna Azoulay-Hasfari Produced by Yoram Kislev Hanna Azoulay-Hasfari as Rachel (nicknamed “Cheli”), a young Israeli television personality who lives estranged from her rural Moroccan immigrant family with her daughter Ruth. Orly Ben-Garti as Young Rachel. Eti Adar as Ruth, Cheli’s autistic daughter. Ronit Elkabetz as Pnina, Rachel’s troubled older sister. A dedicated practitioner of sh’chur who is institutionalized in young adulthood. Gila Almagor as Mother, the head of household and an ardent practitioner of sh’chur. Amos Lavi as Father (a.k.a. Eliahu Ben Shoshan), a patriarch who provides for the family despite being blind from birth. Yaacov Cohen as Shlomo, the oldest brother of Rachel who helps run the household. Orly Tovali as Miriam, the oldest sister of Rachel who moved away to an Orthodox yeshiva. Uri Banay as Avram, the middle brother of Rachel who is sent to live on a kibbutz. Esti Yerushalmi as Zohara, the middle sister of Rachel who is forced to marry her uncle Moshe, 20 years her senior. Albert Iluz as Moshe, a middle-aged uncle who lives with the family and to whom Zohara (middle sister) is wed

During the war years, a Japanese doctor goes to live among the poor Chinese --- in this case, in Manchuria --- in order to do good where it is most needed. He wants to help make the proclaimed Co-Prosperity Sphere come true, by showing that the Japanese are not just occupiers of conquered territory, but do in fact intend to do good. He even dresses like a Chinese man to help make the point. Unfortunately, the rest of the Japanese are, in fact, interested only in humiliating or getting rich off of the Chinese and Manchurians. 

DVD-R is in Japanese with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 95 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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