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FINIS TERRAE (1929) * with switchable English subtitles *

Directed by Jean Epstein Written by Jean Epstein Produced by Serge Sandberg Starring Jean-Marie Laot Ambroise Rouzic Cinematography Joseph Barthès Gösta Kotulla Louis Née R. Tulle


On the islet Bannec, off the coast of Brittany, four fishermen have set up camp for three months to harvest seaweed. If processed correctly, the ash of the seaweed can be sold for high prices. The two youngest fishermen, Ambroise and Jean-Marie, begin brawling when Ambroise drops Jean-Marie's only bottle of wine. Ambroise cuts his thumb on a piece of glass. After the quarrel, Jean-Marie cannot find his knife and believes Ambroise has stolen it. At work the next day, Ambroise starts to feel weak. He discovers that the thumb is infected and swollen. He does not tell the others about it; instead, his attempts to hide the injury makes them accuse him of laziness and immature behavior. After a feverish night, Ambroise decides to sneak out and sail to Ushant to see a doctor, but the voyage fails due to low wind and a strong current. 

Sur Bannec, un petit îlot au large d'Ouessant, un jeune goémonier se blesse à la main après une bagarre, accusé du vol d'un couteau. La plaie s'infecte et il est fiévreux. À Ouessant, les gardiens de phare comprennent qu'il se passe quelque chose à Bannec parce qu'ils voient que les bateaux de pêche ne sortent pas faire leur tournée habituelle. Trois marins emmènent alors le médecin local sur un bateau qui part vers Bannec. 

DVD-R has French intertitles with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 80 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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