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Directed by Josef von Sternberg Grace Moore as Princess Elizabeth Franchot Tone as Emperor Franz Josef Walter Connolly as Duke of Bavaria Raymond Walburn as Colonel von Kempen Elisabeth Risdon as Archduchess Sophie Nana Bryant as Princess Louise Victor Jory as Captain Palffy Frieda Inescort as Princess Helena Thurston Hall as Major Herman Bing as Pretzelberger George Hassell as Herlicka Johnny Arthur as Chief of the Secret Police Charles Coleman as Lieutenant (uncredited) William Hopper as Soldier (uncredited) Henry Roquemore as Waiter (uncredited) C. Montague Shaw as Russian Delegate (uncredited) Al Shean as Ballet Master (uncredited) Gwen Verdon as Specialty Ballerina (uncredited)

Maximilian, Duke of Bavaria, has six daughters, including Helena and Elizabeth, in a household run by his wife Sofia. Sofia has planned for Helena to marry the emperor, and not the man she loves. Despite Elizabeth's attempted intercession on Helena's behalf, their father remains too intimidated to defy his wife, who leaves with Helena for Austria. Elizabeth manages to convince her father to join her in a plan to invade the palace and retrieve Helena, and the father and daughter arrive together in Hellbrun and check into the Golden Ox Inn. Elizabeth gains access to the palace and attracts the eye of Franz Josef, who has yet to meet Helena. Elizabeth hides when Maximilian ineffectually visits his nephew, and her father conceals himself rather than face Sofia and his sister the empress, who has commanded her son's proposed marriage. That evening at the inn, Franz Josef calls on Elizabeth, who has only identified herself as a dressmaker, to attend incognito the birthday fair given in his honor. To his mother's consternation, Franz Josef fails to return to the palace until the next morning. Elizabeth, now in love with Franz Josef, tells Helena she can safely end the royal engagement, but her sister merely believes that Elizabeth is jealous.

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 84 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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