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Burt Topper Donato Farretta ... Diano Robert Barron Robert Barron ... Lt. Jim Blaine Maggie Lawrence Maggie Lawrence ... Jean, the nurse Wally Campo Wally Campo ... Pvt. Sonny Lazzotti Leo V. Matranga Leo V. Matranga ... Shorty, a soldier Jack B. Sowards Jack B. Sowards ... Pvt. Todd the radioman (as Jack Sowards) Anthony Rich Anthony Rich ... Sands, a soldier Larry Hudson Larry Hudson ... Capt. Praxton Maria Monay Maria Monay ... Italian Woman Carmen D'Antonio Carmen D'Antonio ... Teresa (segment "Tessie") David Addis David Addis ... Clifton, a soldier Russ Prescott Russ Prescott ... Taylor, a soldier Freddie Roberto Freddie Roberto ... Captured Italian Traitor Jerry Lear Jerry Lear ... Bartender Fred Gavlin Fred Gavlin ... German Soldier

In 1944, in a large Italian city, a young Italian boy, Diano, witnesses German tanks crossing a strategically vital river via an underwater bridge invisible to Allied air forces. Spotting the boy, German soldiers give chase, but Diano evades them by disappearing into the maze of sewer tunnels that run under the city's streets. After making his way through the tunnels, Diano hears a gun battle on the streets above and, upon surfacing, the boy is saved from danger by American Lt. Jim Blaine, head of a demolitions squad. After Allied artillery clears the German position, Jim and the exhausted squad members, Lazzotti, Shorty, Sands and Todd, take Diano and return to the American lines on the other side of the city. Jim reports to his commanding officer, Capt. Praxton, who demands to know how German tanks continue arriving in the city when all known bridges have been destroyed. Praxton then orders Jim and his men on a reconnaissance mission to pinpoint the location of the German tanks and find the mystery bridge. Disheartened by being on continual combat duty, Jim visits the medical station, where his girl friend Jean is a nurse, and is saddened to learn of the death of two of his wounded men. After a night of gambling and drinking, the squad departs early the next morning. 

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 78 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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