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MLODY LAS (The Buds) (1934) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Jan Adolf Hertz, Joseph Lejtes Kazimierz Junosza-Stepowski ... Professor Pakotin Boguslaw Samborski Boguslaw Samborski ... School Director Starogrenadzki Maria Bogda Maria Bogda ... Wanda Litynska Adam Brodzisz Adam Brodzisz ... Stefan Kiernicki Stefan Jaracz Stefan Jaracz ... Professor Kiernicki Mieczyslaw Cybulski Mieczyslaw Cybulski ... Jan Walczak Witold Zacharewicz Witold Zacharewicz ... Majewski Maria Balcerkiewiczówna Maria Balcerkiewiczówna ... Jakubowska (as Marja Balcerkiewicz) Michal Znicz Michal Znicz ... The French Professor Wladyslaw Walter Wladyslaw Walter ... The One-Armed Security Guard Jonas Turkow Jonas Turkow Alina Halska Alina Halska Antoni Bednarczyk Antoni Bednarczyk Kazimierz Pawlowski Kazimierz Pawlowski ... Pszczólkowski (as Kazimierz Korwin Pawlowski) Wiktor Bieganski Wiktor Bieganski ... Zevakov

The film tells about the school strikes that took place in 1905 and which shocked public opinion in Russian Poland. The protagonists of the film are students of one of Warsaw's junior high schools, who are subjected to Russification. Jan Walczak, from a poor family, rebels against the history teacher, when he introduces General Suvorov as a great leader. His schoolmates and students of other Russian schools express solidarity with Walczak, who is at risk of being expelled from school. 

DVD-R is in Polish with hard-encoded English subtitles. Approx. 69 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  

PLEASE NOTE: There are numerous dropouts in the film, which is part of the copy still extant after damage over the years. It is not due to a defective disc.


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