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Directed by George Sherman Written by Robert Buckner Dana Andrews as Mike Dillon Märta Torén as Sabra Stephen McNally as David Vogel Jeff Chandler as Kurta Philip Friend as Lieutenant Ellerton Hugh French as Major Sorrell Liam Redmond as Jerry McCarthy Lowell Gilmore as Major Stephens Stanley Logan as Colonel Bruce Evans Hayden Rorke as Captain Beaumont George Tyne as Dov Peter Coe as Tarn Paul Marion as Jeno Marten Lamont as Captain Fletcher David Bauer as Gershon (as David Wolfe)

In late December 1947, American sea captain Mike Francis Dillon steers his boat toward the Palestinian shoreline, where he is to unload a group of illegal Jewish immigrants. To ensure that the immigrants' leader pays the $8,000 owed to him, cynical Mike insists on going ashore with the others. Once all of the immigrants have safely disembarked on the deserted beach and boarded waiting trucks, Mike is paid and is asked to make additional trips. Mike declines, reminding the leader of the group that he agreed to the blockade run, only because he had lost his scheduled cargo in Italy. Just as Mike and his boatswain are about to return to their vessel, a British patrol boat approaches. Mike, his boatswain, David and Jerry McCarthy, an Irishman fighting with the Jews, hide among some reeds, but are soon discovered by the British troops. 

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 99 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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