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PARADE OF THE PLANETS (1984) * with switchable English and Russian subtitles *

Directed by Vadim Abdrashitov Aleksandr Mindadze Oleg Borisov Sergey Shakurov Sergey Nikonenko Aleksandr Pashutin Pyotr Zaychenko Aleksey Zharkov Boris Romanov Elena Mayorova Liliya Gritsenko Marina Shimanskaya Anzhelika Nevolina Svetlana Yevstratova Lidiya Ezhevskaya Tatyana Kochemasova Galina Shostko Boris Smorchkov

Six, forty-year-old men are cut off from ordinary life by a draft for military reservists, the last one at their age. They represent a cross-section of Soviet society: an astronomer, a butcher from a shop, a factory worker, a loader, an architect, and a trolleybus driver. Some of them know each other and are friendly with one another (but by their own admission, rarely spend time together). During military exercises, their battery, having successfully completed the task, is destroyed by the enemy, and the heroes are seemingly dying. Thus, until the end of the exercise, they remain in reserve for a few more days. Having missed the train to the city at the station, the heroes, having become "spirits from the other world", decide to finish the war game. After leaving the field of battle, the men begin a transcendental journey: they get to a city populated by only beautiful and solitary women. Having sailed across the river from this temptation, the detachment spends the night on an island and, taking the traveling chemist with them, end up in a retirement home, where by a clerk's mistake, they are taken for a team of technicians from a construction office. In the retirement home, the feeble-minded old lady mistakes Herman Kostin for her son Fedya, who had disappeared during the war. By a will of circumstances, Herman-Fedya is forced to play this role for several hours, during which he sums up the not very pleasant aspects of his life. 

DVD-R is in Russian with switchable English and Russian subtitles. Approx. 91 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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