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A REPORT ON THE PARTY AND GUESTS (1966) * with switchable English subtitles *

Directed by Jan Němec Written by Ester Krumbachova Ivan Vyskočil as Host Jan Klusák as Rudolf, the leader of the men who accost the picnickers and the host's newly adopted, adult son Jiří Němec as Josef, the picnicker wearing glasses Pavel Bošek as František, a picnicker Karel Mareš as Karel, the picnicker who most outspokenly questions Josef's antics Evald Schorm as Husband, the picnicker who leaves the party Jana Prachařová as Wife, the wife of the picnicker who leaves the party Zdena Škvorecká as Eva, the picnicker who suggests everyone forget about the interaction in the clearing Miloň Novotný as Groom Helena Pejsková as Marta, the picnicker who needs to go to the bathroom and finds the host Dana Němcová as Olinka, the bride Antonín Pražák as Antonín Josef Škvorecký as Guest

A group of four men and three women are having a picnic in a field. One of the women says, they should get going, so they will make it to a celebration on time, and the group cleans up and walks into the woods. A man emerges from the trees and, smiling, links arms with Karel, one of the picnickers. Several other men appear and forcibly direct the picnickers to a clearing. The group of men bring a table and chair out of the woods and place it in the clearing. Their leader sits down and asks the picnickers if they are enjoying their trip to the country. Karel demands to be told what is going on, but the leader's second-in-command just tells the picnickers to spread out. A male picnicker wearing glasses separates the women from the men and arranges each group alphabetically before stepping forward. The second-in-command draws a circle around the six other picnickers, and the leader says they cannot cross the line. Karel tells the leader to leave them alone, but the other picnickers ask him to stop being defiant. The picnicker wearing glasses diplomatically tries to discover why he and his friends have been stopped.

DVD-R is in Czech with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 70 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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