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Jeanne Crain Nefertiti Vincent Price Benakon Edmund Purdom Thutmose Amedeo Nazzari Akhnaten Liana Orfei Merith Piero Palermini Nagor Giulio Marchetti Meck Clelia Matania Penaba Carlo D'Angelo Seper Raf Baldassarre Mareb Umberto Raho Zeton

In Ancient Egypt, sculptor Tumos and Tenet are in love, but the high priest Benakon refuses to allow them to marry. Tumos asks his old friend, the Pharaoh-apparent Amenophis IV, to intercede on his behalf, but when the old Pharaoh dies, Benakon ceremonially renames Tenet to Nefertiti and tricks Amenophis into marrying her instead, using threats against Tumos's life to force Nefertiti to remain quiet. Further complicating matters is the introduction of a new monotheistic religion preaching pacifism and worship of the sun God Aten, leading to a clash between them and Benakon and the other priests of the old polytheistic religion. 

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 88 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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