Artikelnummer 4217

MISS JULIA CELEBRATES HER JUBILEE (Fröken Julia jubilerar) (1938) * with switchable English and Swedish subtitles *

Poul Reichhardt Den norske skidläraren Thor Modéen Mårten Lagergren Åke Söderblom Åke Jansson Annalisa Ericson Greta Ahlbom Lau Lauritzen Jr. Erik Kruse Katie Rolfsen Julia Lundkvist Claes Thelander Upptäcktsresa

Julia, who is a cashier at a piano factory, goes on a vacation trip with some friends. But not so fast: her boss has discovered that some money's missing from the till ... and guess whom he suspects is the culprit?

DVD-R is in Swedish with switchable English and Swedish subtitles. Approx. 90 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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