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ERRORS OF YOUTH (Oshibki Yunosti) (1978) * with switchable English subtitles *

Stanislav Zhdanko ... Mitya Guryanov Mikhail Vaskov Mikhail Vaskov ... Fyodor Burkov Marina Neyolova Marina Neyolova ... Polina Natalya Varley Natalya Varley ... Zina Nikolay Karachentsov Nikolay Karachentsov ... Gena Nikolai Penkov Nikolai Penkov ... Kostik Izabella Chirina Izabella Chirina ... Alyona Afanasi Kochetkov Afanasi Kochetkov ... Guryanov's Father Nina Mamaeva Nina Mamaeva ... Guryanov's Mother Vladimir Marenkov Vladimir Marenkov ... Captain Rysakov Anatoliy Garichev Anatoliy Garichev ... Senior Lieutenant Burchalkin Vadim Yakovlev Vadim Yakovlev ... Valeryan Yuriy Chernov Yuriy Chernov ... Pankin Antonina Vvedenskaya Antonina Vvedenskaya ... Lyusya Yuriy Dubrovin Yuriy Dubrovin ... Sovkhoz Manager Nina Arkhipova Nina Arkhipova ... Mother of the Soldier on the Beach Marina Maltseva Marina Maltseva ... Kostik's Wife Anatoliy Gorin Anatoliy Gorin ... Krolikov Ruslan Naurbiyev Ruslan Naurbiyev ... Naurbiyev Yevgeniy Filatov Yevgeniy Filatov ... Shpanko Nikolai Muravyov Nikolai Muravyov ... Man Ordering Furniture Anatoliy Pustokhin Anatoliy Pustokhin ... Andrey

The Errors of Youth was an effort to describe Dimitry Gurianov, a representative of his generation who can't find his place in life. The hypocrisy of the Army; the boring life of the countryside; the hard work and constant drunkenness in the north; plus misadventures with women bring him to Leningrad, where he becomes part of the 'black market' scene.  The film was banned  after it was made, because it was found to be too close to 'real life.'

DVD-R is in Russia with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 86 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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