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RED SQUARE (1970) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Yuli Dunsky ... (as Yu. Dunskiy) Valeri Frid ... (as V. Frid)Cast (in credits order) Sergey Yakovlev Sergey Yakovlev ... V. I, Lenin Aleksandr Kutepov Aleksandr Kutepov ... Ya. M. Sverdlov Vyacheslav Shalevich Vyacheslav Shalevich ... Nikolay Kutasov Stanislav Lyubshin Stanislav Lyubshin ... Dmitriy Amelin Valentina Malyavina Valentina Malyavina ... Natasha Kutasova Sergey Nikonenko Sergey Nikonenko ... matros Volodya Koltsov Uno Loyt Uno Loyt ... Uno Parts Pavel Kormunin Pavel Kormunin ... Karpushonok Viktor Shulgin Viktor Shulgin ... Kamyshov Viktor Lakirev Viktor Lakirev ... Soldat (as V. Lakirev) German Poloskov German Poloskov ... Soldat (as G. Poloskov) Igor Surovtsev Igor Surovtsev ... Soldat (as I. Surovtsev) Pyotr Trifonov Pyotr Trifonov ... Soldat (as P. Trifonov) Stanislav Mikhin Stanislav Mikhin ... Soldat (as S. Mikhin) Vladimir Protasenko Vladimir Protasenko ... Soldat (as V. Protasenko) Aleksei Smirnov Aleksei Smirnov ... Soldat Roman Khomyatov Roman Khomyatov ... Komandarm (as A. Khomyatov) Dmitriy Masanov Dmitriy Masanov ... Nachalnik shtaba divizii (as D. Masanov) Nikolay Parfyonov Nikolay Parfyonov ... Nachalnik politodela (as N. Parfyonov)

In 1918, the Bolsheviks send Commissar Dmitri Armelin to the 38th Grenadier Regiment on the Western Front to convince them to join the Red Army, after having deserted their positions. After initial mistrust and hostility to himself and the Bolsheviks in general, Armelin and former tsarist officers whip the men into shape and successfully repulse attacking German soldiers. This marks the beginning of his successful career within the Red Army, which will eventually lead to his fate, when the Germans attack again twenty-three years later.

DVD-R is in Russian with hard-encoded English subtitles. Approx. 137 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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