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CONSPIRACY OF THE DOOMED (1950) * with switchable English subtitles *

Lyudmila Skopina as Ganna Likhta (as L. Skopina) Pavel Kadochnikov as Maks Venta (as P. Kadochnikov) Vladimir Druzhnikov as Mark Pino (as V. Druzhnikov) Boris Sitko as Kosta Varra (as B. Sitko) Vsevolod Aksyonov as Sloveno (as V. Aksyonov) Luiza Koshukova as Magda Forsgolm (as L. Koshukova) Lyudmila Vrublevskaya as Mina Varra (as L. Vrublyovskaya) Ivan Pelttser as Steban (as I. Pelttser) Ilya Sudakov as Ioakhim Pino (as I. Sudakov) Sofiya Pilyavskaya as Khristina Padera (as S. Pilyavskaya) Aleksandr Vertinskiy as Cardinal Birnch (as A. Vertinskiy) Maksim Shtraukh as Mak-Hill (as M. Shtraukh) Vladimir Maruta as Gugo Vastis (as V. Maruta) Oleg Zhakov as Kurtov (as O. Zhakov) Valentina Serova as Kira Reychel (as V. Serova) Rostislav Plyatt as Bravura (as R. Plyatt) Ivan Bobrov as Yassa (as I. Bobrov)

In an invented Eastern European country --- variably hinted at as being near Yugoslavia; as having signs printed in Polish; having Latvian flags at protests; Ukrainian peasantry; and a strong Catholic identity --- which only recently has been liberated from Fascism by the Soviet Army, there's a conspiracy in the works. The American ambassador, MacHill, interested in seeing the country as America's "49th state", is behind making this happen. His puppets are government ministers; the leader of the Catholic Party; the head of the Social Democrats; as well as the Vatican, whose policies are made clear by their influential cardinal in the country. An American journalist from Chicago serves as the lynchpin between the American and British governments and the local conspirators. With the connivance of the maverick government in Belgrade, the nationalists and Catholics will cause a famine and put the blame on food exports to the Soviet Union. Of course, the People aren't fooled by the offer of American "aid", recognizing it for what it is: a way of making them dependent on Washington and the eventual slaves of its landowners and cannon-fodder for the crusade against their Soviet brothers. 

DVD-R is in Russian with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 100 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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