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2 DVD SET: MASADA (1981)

Series cast summary: Peter O'Toole Peter O'Toole ... General Cornelius Flavius Silva 4 episodes, 1981 Peter Strauss Peter Strauss ... Eleazar ben Yair 4 episodes, 1981 Barbara Carrera Barbara Carrera ... Sheva 4 episodes, 1981 Alan Feinstein Alan Feinstein ... Aaron 4 episodes, 1981 Giulia Pagano Giulia Pagano ... Miriam 4 episodes, 1981 Anthony Quayle Anthony Quayle ... Rubrius Gallus 4 episodes, 1981 Paul L. Smith Paul L. Smith ... Gideon 4 episodes, 1981 David Warner David Warner ... Falco / ... 4 episodes, 1981 Clive Francis Clive Francis ... Attius, Head Tribune 4 episodes, 1981 David Opatoshu David Opatoshu ... Shimon 4 episodes, 1981 Richard Pierson Richard Pierson ... Ephraim 4 episodes, 1981 Joseph Wiseman Joseph Wiseman ... Jerahmeel, Head Essene 4 episodes, 1981 David A. Block David A. Block ... Reuben 4 episodes, 1981 Vernon Dobtcheff Vernon Dobtcheff ... Chief Priest 4 episodes, 1981 David Mauro David Mauro ... Epos 4 episodes, 1981 Alexander Peleg Alexander Peleg ... Zidon 4 episodes, 1981 Joey Sagal Joey Sagal ... Seth 4 episodes, 1981 Michael Shillo Michael Shillo ... Ezra 4 episodes, 1981 Christopher Biggins Christopher Biggins ... Albinus 3 episodes, 1981 Heinz Bernard Heinz Bernard ... Elder 3 episodes, 1981 Warren Clarke Warren Clarke ... Plinius 3 episodes, 1981 Ken Hutchison Ken Hutchison ... Fronto 3 episodes, 1981 Reuven Bar-Yotam Reuven Bar-Yotam ... Butcher 3 episodes, 1981 Denis Quilley Denis Quilley ... General Marcus Quadratus 2 episodes, 1981 Anthony Valentine Anthony Valentine ... Merovius, Head Tribune 2 episodes, 1981 Jack Watson Jack Watson ... Decurion 2 episodes, 1981 Derek Newark Derek Newark ... Engineering Officer 2 episodes, 1981 Michael Elphick Michael Elphick ... Vettius 2 episodes, 1981 Nick Brimble Nick Brimble ... Milades 2 episodes, 1981 Michael Schneider Michael Schneider

In the year 70 AD, with the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the second temple, the Jewish rebellion against Roman occupation is declared over. But Eleazar ben Ya'ir and his family flee the city vowing that the Judean War is not ended. Eleazar and his followers make their headquarters on top of the mountain fortress of Masada. From there they conduct raids on Roman occupied villages in the south of Palestine. These guerrilla attacks threaten the credibility of the declared Roman victory. The commanding general of the 10th Legion, Cornelius Flavius Silva, arranges a meeting with Eleazar to negotiate a truce. Returning to Rome, Silva's hopes to implement a truce in Judea are quashed by the Emperor Vespasian because of political pressures in the Roman Senate. Silva is sent back to Judea after securing the services of veteran Siege Commander Rubrius Gallus. Silva is also informed that his second in command, General Marcus Quadratus, and Head Tribune Merovius, are spies for the emperor's political enemy. While Silva is still in Rome, through the treachery of these two men, the truce is violently broken by the Romans. 

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 383 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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