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VIVA L'ITALIA (Garibaldi) (1961) * with switchable English subtitles *

Roberto Rossellini Writers: Sergio Amidei (story), Antonio Petrucci Renzo Ricci ... Giuseppe Garibaldi Paolo Stoppa Paolo Stoppa ... Nino Bixio Franco Interlenghi Franco Interlenghi ... Giuseppe Bandi Giovanna Ralli Giovanna Ralli ... Rosa Leonardo Botta Leonardo Botta ... Menotti Garibaldi Carlo Gazzabini Carlo Gazzabini ... Giuseppe Sirtori Marco Mariani Marco Mariani ... Major Sforza Gérard Herter Gérard Herter ... French Journalist Giovanni Petrucci Giovanni Petrucci ... Fabrizio Plutino Pietro Braccialini Pietro Braccialini ... Giuseppe Mazzini Nando Angelini Nando Angelini ... Captain Pietro G.B. Spangaro Vando Tress Vando Tress ... Luigi Gusmaroli Attilio Dottesio Attilio Dottesio ... Francesco Crispi Luigi Borghese Luigi Borghese ... Lieutenant De Laurentiis Philippe Arthuys Philippe Arthuys ... Alexandre Dumas (as Philip Arthuys)

Featuring sweeping, majestic vistas of the Italian landscape, and using many of the locations where Garibaldi’s campaign took place as his Camicie rosse (Red shirts) marched across Sicily, sailed over the Strait of Messina into Calabria, then headed north through Campania (where the strategic Battle of Volturno took place) and onto Naples (where King Francis II ruled), Rossellini’s drama is as as much a spectacular visual feast as it is an important historical account of a defining moment in Italian history – the unification of the country. It also serves as a powerful David and Goliath parable in which a band of ill-equipped, untrained volunteers (mainly poor farmers and workers) stood up against the might of a powerful army – and won!

DVD-R is in Italian with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 128 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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