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Clive Brook Writers: Frederick Lonsdale Clive Brook ... George, 10th Duke of Bristol Beatrice Lillie Beatrice Lillie ... Maria Wislack Googie Withers Googie Withers ... Helen Hale Roland Culver Roland Culver ... Richard Halton E.V.H. Emmett E.V.H. Emmett ... Narrator (voice) O.B. Clarence O.B. Clarence ... Dr. Graham Lawrence Hanray Lawrence Hanray ... Parkes Elliott Mason Elliott Mason ... Mrs. McCosh - the Housekeeper (as Elliot Mason) Hay Petrie Hay Petrie ... Hotelkeeper Marjorie Rhodes Marjorie Rhodes ... Cook Mollie Munks Mollie Munks ... Jeannie (as Molly Munks) William Morgan Writers: Houston Branch (screenplay), Elizabeth Meehan William Lundigan ... Michael Banyan Virginia Dale Virginia Dale ... Laurie Lane Harry Davenport Harry Davenport ... Clem Adams Harry Shannon Harry Shannon ... Albert Ness Addison Richards Addison Richards ... District Commissioner John F. Hamilton John F. Hamilton ... Hilary Higgins (as J. Frank Hamilton) Eddie Acuff Eddie Acuff ... Hugo Higgins Wade Crosby Wade Crosby ... Jim Talbot Skelton Knaggs Skelton Knaggs ... Jeff John Bleifer John Bleifer ... Nickolai Eddy Waller Eddy Waller ... Hank Charles Lung Charles Lung ... Willie Soba (as Charlie Lung) Ernie Adams Ernie Adams ... Chuck Eddie Lee Eddie Lee ... Gim Lung James B. Leong James B. Leong ... Japanese Officer

ON APPROVAL  (1944):

Victorian London. George, the 10th Duke of Bristol, and his equally upper class friend Richard Halton, are both broke. To live, George has had to rent out his London castle to visiting young American socialite Helen Hale. The only way George has access to his own home is when he is invited to a party hosted by Helen. Much to George's surprise, Richard confesses to him that he is in love from afar and would like to marry wealthy widow Maria Wislack. Maria is Helen's friend who George considers a haggard, controlling, old (forty-one) shrew of a woman. Richard believes he has no chance with Maria, due to the difference in their financial situations. Richard is surprised to find that Maria knows he is in love with her, she in turn attracted to him. However, to test if they will be compatible as husband and wife, Maria proposes they spend one month together in her mansion on an otherwise deserted island off the coast of Scotland.

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 79 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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On 16 Sep 1941, Michael Banyan treks from the Alaskan interior to the small town of Sunivak, Alaska, and is treated with suspicion by the locals. General store owner Hilary Higgins pressures Banyan for information about his Summer activities, as he believes that Banyan is a prospector, but Banyan refuses to divulge any information about himself. The townsfolk grow more hostile to Banyan upon learning that he is broke, for the town's supplies are shipped in only twice a year and there is little to spare for a stranger. Banyan finds two friends in Laurie Lane, who run the weather station, and barber and newspaper printer Clem Adams, who offers Banyan shelter. Banyan's trouble increases, however, when he is fined fifty dollars for striking Higgins' brutish son Hugo, even though the altercation arose from Banyan's attempt to stop Hugo from beating his dog, Flash. Because he cannot pay the fine, Banyan is sentenced to hard labor until 1 October, when the twice-yearly mail boat arrives. Banyan escapes rather than be sent away on the boat, and Laurie and Clem keep him hidden in the weather station. Laurie begins to doubt Banyan though, when her radio is sabotaged so that it can only send messages and not receive them. Although Sunivak is now completely cut off from the outside world, the townspeople carry on as always. Hoping to restore Laurie's faith in him, as well as help out Clem and take his revenge on the callous townspeople, Banyan prints a fake Seattle newspaper, which proclaims that the U.S. has joined World War II, and that Clem is the winner of a thirty-thousand dollar sweepstakes. 

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 77 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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