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THE MARRIAGE OF THE FAIRY PRINCESS (Fairy Couple) (1955) * with switchable English subtitles *

Hui Shi Writers: Hongfei Lu, Hu Sang Stars: Shaofang Wang, Fengying Yan, Yunfeng Zhang

In the Paradise palace of Emperor Yu Huang, the emperor's youngest daughter, Seventh Fairy, accidentally sees human life.  She envies the mortals' freedoms.  She notices Dong Yong, a young man, who is going to sell himself into slavery to pay for his father's funeral.  Seventh Fairy sees his loyalty and secretly descends to Earth to marry the boy. Knowing what awaits Dong Yong in slavery, she weaves beautiful silks and sells them to buy his freedom.  Unfortunately, her disobedience has displeased Emperor Yu Huang immensely.  He orders his daughter to return to Paradise Palace and threatens to kill Dong Yong if she fails to obey.  Seventh Fairy decides she must leave her husband in order to save his life and reveals her true identity to him.  She will return to the palace and the lovers will never see one another again.

DVD-R is in Chinese with hard-encoded Chinese and switchable English subtitles.  Approx. 96 mins.  See film sample for film quality! 

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