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THERE IS A MAN IN OUR HOUSE (1961) * with switchable English and French subtitles *

Henry Barakat Writers: Yussef Issa (adaptation), Ihsan Abdel Quddous (novel) Omar Sharif, Rushdi Abazah ... Abd El-Hamid (as Rushdy Abaza) Mokhtar Al Sayed Mokhtar Al Sayed Aziza Badr Aziza Badr Umran Bahar Umran Bahar Abdel Moneim Bassioni Abdel Moneim Bassioni Youssef Chaban Youssef Chaban Abdelbadie El Araby Abdelbadie El Araby Sayyed El Araby Sayyed El Araby Abbas El Daly Abbas El Daly Khalil Badr El Dein Khalil Badr El Dein Tawfik El Deken Tawfik El Deken Kamal El Zeiny Kamal El Zeiny Zahrat El-Ula Zahrat El-Ula ... Samia (as Zahret El Ola) Hussein Ismail Hussein Ismail Hosny Abdul Jalil Hosny Abdul Jalil

Ibrahim is a young radical leader, who lost his brother during a student demonstration that turned violent, when the police got involved and started to shoot anyone in their way. When Ibrahim sees this, he plans to murder the prime minister in revenge and he succeeds. After tthe assassination, Ibrahim seeks to hide in his friend's house. His presence in the house endangers the whole family, who, up to now, has always remained on the right side of the law. But out of affection for the fugitive, they cannot help but aid him. It is the potential consequence of this aid and Ibrahim's love for his friend's sister, that make for lots of hand-wringing throughout the film.

DVD-R is in Arabic with switchable English and French subtitles.  Approx. 153 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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