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THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES (1928) * with switchable Spanish subtitles *

Directed by D. W. Griffith Written by Gerrit J. Lloyd Jean Hersholt as William Judson, the Father Phyllis Haver as Marie Skinner Belle Bennett as Mrs. Judson, the Mother Sally O'Neil as Ruth Judson, the Daughter Don Alvarado as Babe Winsor William Bakewell as Billy Judson, the Son John Batten as A friend of the Judsons Rolfe Sedan as Marie's Barber (uncredited) Harry Semels as Mr. Judson's Barber (uncredited)

Gum-chewing, frizzy-haired, gold-digger Marie Skinner cooks up a scheme with her lover Babe Winsor, a jazz hound, to fleece the portly, middle-aged real estate tycoon, William Judson. Marie moves into Judson's apartment building and contrives to meet and seduce him, plying him with compliments, music, swoons, décolletage, and batted eyes. When his loyal wife (and their two children) see him out catting with Marie at a night club, mom's devastated and confronts him. He moves out. Babe wants Marie to sell Judson worthless bonds. Will mom commit suicide? Will sis shoot the floozy? Will pops figure out he's being a fool?

DVD-R has English intertitles with switchable Spanish subtitles. Approx. 88 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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