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Ernst Lubitsch Ramón Novarro as Crown Prince Karl Heinrich Norma Shearer as Kathi Jean Hersholt as Dr. Friedrich Jüttner Gustav von Seyffertitz as King Karl VII Philippe De Lacy as Young Karl Edgar Norton as Lutz Bobby Mack as Johann Kellermann Edward Connelly as Prime Minister von Haugk Otis Harlan as Old Ruder André Mattoni as Count Asterberg (uncredited) Hans Joby as Student (credited as John S. Peters) George K. Arthur as Drunk Student (uncredited) Edythe Chapman as Young Karl's nanny (uncredited)

Crown Prince Karl Heinrich, nephew of the king of a small domain, has a joyless existence in the pretentious formalism of the moribund court until his tutor, Dr. Juttner, arrives. After several years, Juttner takes Karl Heinrich to Heidelberg to study at the university. Here, the prince falls in love with Kathi, the niece of the owner of an inn where the tutor and the prince have taken rooms. Karl Heinrich's happiness is shattered when the king dies and he must return to take the throne. Lonely and still in love with Kathi, although he is betrothed to an unattractive princess, Karl Heinrich returns to Heidelberg and finds that everything has changed: the students who were once his comrades salute him stiffly; his tutor has died; and only Kathi welcomes him as of old. 

DVD-R has English intertitles with no subtitles. Approx. 106 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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