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WILD SWANS  (Die elf Schwanen)  (1987)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Once upon a time, a king had eleven sons and one daughter. When his wife, the queen, died, the king remarried. The new wife, the children's stepmother, looks beautiful on the outside, but actually, she's an evil witch. She sends young Princess Eliise to live in the village as an ordinary peasant girl and turns all the princes into wild swans. The princes are stuck being swans all day long and only at night can they regain their true form. When Eliise turns 15, she learns about the fate of her brothers and now she must overcome the obstacles put in her way by her stepmother to release her brothers from the spell.







 SUNDERIN  (1951)  * with switchable English subtitles *


The film that led to a huge scandal in postwar Germany, because Hildegard Knef dared to show her naked bosom on the screen! Marina's in Seventh Heaven. The ex-prostitute has fallen in love with the painter, Alexander. Soon, however, black clouds appear on the horizon: her painter-lover appears to be going blind. In order to get the money for an operation that'll save his sight, Marina takes up her old profession. No other film so accurately reflected the hypocritical bigotry which still existed in defeated Germany. Catholic clergymen sabotaged screenings of the film by throwing stink bombs into theatres; Cardinal Frings of Cologne referred to the drama as "an example of the moral decomposition of Germany". All for naught, it seems: the film became a box-office hit in a country tired of two-faced morality lessons, while the stink of the crematoria could still be smelled throughout all Europe.


Der blanke Busen von Hildegard Knef sorgte für den Kinoskandal der 50er. Melodram. Marina schwebt im Siebten Himmel. Die Ex-Prostituierte hat sich in den Maler Alexander verliebt. Doch dann ziehen schwarze Wolken auf: Der Künstler droht zu erblinden. Um Geld für die rettende Operation aufzutreiben, nimmt Marina wieder ihren alten Beruf auf… Kein Nachkriegsfilm spiegelte in den Reaktionen besser die Bigotterie des damaligen Deutschland wider. Katholische Geistliche sabotierten Kinovorstellungen mit Stinkbomben, und der Kölner Kardinal Frings geißelte das Drama als „Zersetzung sittlicher Begriffe“. Doch sündiges Deutschland: Das Werk wurde zu einem echten Kassenschlager.






During the Spanish Civil War, Teresa, a sympathizer of Franco, hides a German pilot, whose fighter plane has gone down in the mountains. When the Republican commissar Malek finds out where the pilot's hidden, a fight breaks out.

Im spanischen Bürgerkrieg versteckt die Franco-Sympathisantin Teresa einen in den Bergen abgestürzten deutschen Kampfpiloten. Als der republikanische Comisario Malek zum Versteck gelangt, kommt es zum Kampf. 












LE MURA DI MALAPAGA  (1949)  * with switchable English subtitles *


After murdering his young lover and being hunted by the authorities in France, Pierre stows away aboard a ship bound for Genoa. Though he's immediately robbed after arriving, things look up for Pierre when he meets Cecchina, a kind-hearted young girl, who introduces him to her mother, Marta. Pierre and Marta fall in love, but the French police are closing in on him and the new couple may not have much time left.












POIL DE CAROTTE  (Carrot Top)  (1932)  * with switchable English subtitles *


A young boy is the black sheep of the family. His parents are much older and his mother picks on him unmercifully, favoring his near-adult siblings. The long-suffering, henpecked father has withdrawn into his small pleasures of hunting and meeting with friends. Like the Cinderella story, his older siblings are pampers and the boy has to slave for them, wearing tattered hand-me-downs. While the boy finds comfort in her near-absent father's presence, it's not enough to quell the suicidal thoughts the child entertains to escape his misery.











KUTUZOV  (1943)  * with switchable English subtitles *


With the defeat of the Axis at Stalingrad in January 1943, which affected both sides in an important psychological way; and the repulse of the massive German tank offensive at Kursk in July 1943, which decisively destroyed Germany's ability to ever launch an important offensive on the Eastern Front for the rest of the War, the time had come to put out a film celebrating Russia's endurance in its history-long battle against invaders. Kutuzov recreates the most significant events of the Russo-Napoleonic War of 1812. When the French invade Russia in June of that year, Kutuzov mounts a counteroffensive, while Prince Bagration fights the French and their allies near Moscow, becoming a martyr in the process. In the end, Napoleon's army falls apart as they rush to cross the frontier back in Poland ... and the Russians pursue him all the way to Paris.




SO DARLING, SO DEADLY  (1966)  * with switchable German subtitles *


In Singapore, a professor has developed a super-weapon, which increases the power of laser beams by a factor of one million!  A criminal organization very much wants to buy the weapon and offers the inventor a blank check and a week to think about it. Fearful for his life and that of his daughter, Sybille, the professor calls Commissar X for help.


In Singapur hat ein Professor eine Superwaffe entwickelt, die Laserstrahlen millionenfach verstärkt. Eine Verbrecherorganisation will dem Erfinder das Gerät abkaufen und bietet ihm einen Blankoscheck und eine Woche Bedenkzeit. Um sein Leben und das seiner Tochter Sybille besorgt, ruft er Kommissar X zu Hilfe.










TAXI, ROULOTTE ET CORRIDA  (Wenn Louis eine Reise tut)  (1958)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Louis, a typically insane, Parisian taxi driver, is a hard-working man. Today's his last day of work before his Summer vacation. The whole family is going to Spain with his sister-in-law and her family. Louis will be driving them in his taxi and towing a trailer (or, as they put it in the film, a "caravan"). Customs on the French-Spanish border is pretty thorough and the two men have some trouble smuggling the tobacco they'll need while away from home. In line with them at customs is a beautiful blonde, who just happens to be smuggling a priceless, stolen diamond into Spain. Realizing that the inspectors are looking at her just a tad bit suspiciously, she slips the diamond into Louis' jacket pocket. She discovers where the family is going on vacation, so she'll find a way to retrieve the gem later. After the inspection, she overtakes the family on the road and pretends to have a breakdown. Stopping the family, she asks Louis for help, so she can rifle his pockets. But the diamond isn't there!


Der hibbelige Pariser Taxifahrer Louis fährt mit seiner Familie sowie der seines Schwagers Léon in seinem mit einem Superturbokompressor aufgemotzten Taxi und einem Wohnwagenanhänger in den Spanienurlaub. Es ist ihre erste Auslandsreise und das Urlaubsgeld wollen sie mit in Socken geschmuggeltem Tabak aufbessern. Der Zufall will es, dass in der Zollstation eine attraktive Blondine einen gestohlenen Diamanten in Louis Sakkotasche versteckt. Um das wertvolle Stück zurückzubekommen, wird Louis fortan von ihr und ihren Hintermännern in eine überaus rasante und turbulente Verfolgungsjagd voller Überraschungen verwickelt.





LES DEUX TIMIDES  (Two Timid Men)  (1958)  * with hard-encoded German and switchable English and Spanish subtitles *


Les Deux Timides begins with a courtroom scene, which is a bravura example of silent film technique. A bumbling young lawyer is defending a client, who is accused of beating his wife. As he describes his version of what happened, it plays out on the screen in all its ridiculous, convoluted glory, with escalating hilarity. The lawyer and his brutish client later become rivals for the hand of a shy young lady.






THE MASK OF THE GORILLA  (Le Gorille vous salue bien)  (1958)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Géo Paquet, aka The Gorilla, breaks out of jail. Now an escaped convict, the elite agent must infiltrate a dangerous gang working for a foreign embassy as their leader, a spy enjoying diplomatic immunity, can't be arrested by the regular police.





 ZAHLEN  (1957)


Wien, 1957: Die Oberkellner Gustav und Franz arbeiten beim knauserigen Cafétier Panigl und sind trotz ihrer unterschiedlichen Temperamente enge Freunde. Franz ist glücklich verheiratet und Familienvater, Gustav, ein ausgeglichener Charmeur, der ein ruhiges Junggesellenleben führt. Über Nacht werden beide arbeitslos, da sich Panigl zum Verkauf seines nicht mehr florierenden Lokals entschlossen hat. Doch glücklicherweise treffen in dieser Situation 20.000 Dollar aus den USA ein, die Franz’ Bruder ihm einst unterschlug und nun zurückzahlt. Gustav und Franz erwerben von dem Geld jeweils die Hälfte des Caféhauses. Die eine Hälfte wird als modernes Musikbox-Espresso “Pinguin”, die andere als Alt-Wiener Caféhaus eingerichtet. Missverständnisse zwischen Gästen und Generationen bleiben dabei natürlich nicht aus und strapazieren die enge Freundschaft der beiden Kellner.


Vienna, 1957: The headwaiters Gustav and Franz work at the miserly Café Panigl and are close friends, in spite of their very different personalities. Franz is happily married and a father; Gustav is an even-tempered charmer, who leads a quiet bachelor’s life. Overnight, they’re suddenly without a job, because Panigl has decided to sell the no longer thriving restaurant. Fortunately, at this very moment, $20,000 arrives from the United States, which Franz’ brother once embezzled from him and is now paying back. With that money, Gustav and Franz split the café in two. One half becomes the modern jukebox-coffee shop “Penguin”; the other is set up as an old-style Viennese coffee house. Of course, there are misunderstandings between the customers of two different generations, which strain the friendship of the two waiters.




LUCREZIA BORGIA  (1935)  * with switchable English subtitles *


The end of the 15th Century: Rome is being ruled by Cesare Borgia, the eldest son of Pope Alexander VI, a power hungry man with an immense sexual appetite. Following the advice of Niccolo Macchiavelli, Borgia decides he will unify all the Italian states to become even more powerful. In order to do this, he needs the help of his sister, Lucrezia. She's married to the Count of Pesaro, but would be politically more useful married to Alphonse of Aragon. So, Cesare Borgia arranges for the assassination of her current husband. But soon after Lucrezia's new marriage, Cesare decides the Duke has become useless and moves to have him assassinated, so Lucrezia can marry yet again!





 SAILS  (1961)  * with switchable English subtitles *


A little girl names Assol meets an older gentlemen, who foretells her future: "It will be a fine, sunny day, when a beautiful ship under scarlet sail comes and a noble prince will take you away from here. He'll take you to the world of your dreams, where you will be loved and happy." Assol is the butt of jokes (no pun intended) by her neighbors and their children; but this does not deter her from waiting for the unknown prince. 


Ein kleines Mädchen namens Assol wartet seit Jahren auf den Prinzen, der sie vor den Nachbarn rettet, die sie immer nur ärgern und aufziehen, nachdem ein Zauberer ihr prophezeit hatte, dass ein Schiff mit purpurroten Segeln an einem sonnigen Tag ankommen würde und der Prinz an Bord sie fort von hier bringen würde, an einen Ort, an dem ihre Träume war werden und sie glücklich und geliebt sein wird.


 MONSTRUO RESUCITADO (The Resurrected Monster)  (1953)  * with switchable English subtitles


This film, loosely based on Frankenstein, goes a step further, injecting gory surgical motifs into it. Set in the Balkans, a bored journalist, Nora, is ordered by her boss to follow up on a mysterious ad placed by Dr. Ling. Ling turns out to be a horribly misshapen creature, who, rejected by his repulsed peers, becomes the stereotypical mad scientist specializing in plastic surgery. Dr. Ling falls in love with Nora, but fears she will betray him. As any reasonably mad scientist would do, Ling re-animates the body of a young man who committed suicide, puts a new brain into him and commands that he fetch Nora, so he can kill her. However, Ling's suspicions turn out to be correct:  Nora does betray him by falling in love with the zombie sent to get her, which leads to frightening consequences for all. 




DIE BRUCKE (The Bridge)  (2008)  * with switchable English subtitles *


The remake of Bernhard Wicki's classic from 1959, based on the novel by Manfred Gregor: April, 1945, shortly before the German surrender. Albert, Walter and five classmates are pulled out of high school to take part in the last stand to defend Hitler's Germany. The sixteen-year olds are ordered to defend a bridge in their small town against advancing American troops. Only their former teacher, Elfie Bauer, wishes to stop the senseless slaughter of her former students. Things, however, get out of control very quickly.


Neuverfilmung von Bernhard Wickis Klassiker aus dem Jahr 1959 nach dem Roman von Manfred Gregor: April 1945, kurz vor der deutschen Kapitulation. Albert, Walter und fünf Klassenkameraden werden direkt von der Schulbank eingezogen, um im letzten Aufgebot für Hitlerdeutschland zu kämpfen. Die 16-jährigen sollen in ihrer Kleinstadt eine Brücke gegen die Einnahme durch die anrückenden Amerikaner verteidigen. Nur ihre ehemalige Lehrerin Elfie Bauer will verhindern, dass die Jungen sinnlos ihr Leben hingeben. Doch die Lage an der Brücke spitzt sich schnell zu.





THE TURNING POINT  (1945)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Though only confirmed by the name on a map --- and with names of the most important figures of the battle changed (eg. "Klaus" for "Paulus") --- this is one of the first postwar, Soviet films made and concerns the Battle of Stalingrad. Over the course of five months, the city has resisted the assault of the Germans and their allies (though, at one point, the Axis held 90% of the city in its hands). To lose the city would mean losing the war; but it also seems impossible to hold it given the scale of casualties on the Soviet side alone. The film provides a harrowing portrayal of the lives of soldiers and commanders fighting for their existence and the salvation of Stalingrad in late 1942.





BORIS GODUNOV  (1986)  * with switchable English subtitles *


This 1986 film is the adaptation of Alexander Pushkin's classic historic drama "Boris Godunov", directed by Sergei Bondarchuk (who also plays the star role). Godunov murdered Ivan the Terrible's son, Dmitri, and usurped the throne of Russia for himself. But he suffers from the knowledge of his deeds and is driven nearly mad by it. Meanwhile, a young monk claims to be the murdered child, now grown (the False Dmitri), and he's raised an army in Poland to attack the Tsar. The story, which takes place in the early 17th Century, when Poland was a major player in European politics and Russia was struggling to build and hold an empire, is said to reveal clearly the antagonism between the two nations, which has never waned throughout modern history.










THUNDERSTORM  (Groza)  (1934)  * with switchable English subtitles *


In a provincial town on the Volga River, young and sensitive Katerina marries Tikhon, a violent drunkard, and thus enters the crude milieu of greedy salesmen, the "dark kingdom". Her mother-in-law, Kabanikha, rules the family with an iron fist and endlessly harasses Katerina. One day, when Tikhon is away, she meets Boris, a man who embodies everything Katerina is longing for.


















You may have missed these titles IM PARADIES  (1938)


Resolute Ellen takes over the operations of the Grand Hotel "Paradise" from her father and immediately goes into action to increase profits. The first thing she does is turn off the flow of money to a theatre her father was financially sponsoring. Then she throws the charming flirt Count Wetterstein out on his ass after not having paid his hotel bill for two weeks. The alleged count takes on a position as a waiter in the "Paradise" and as Ellen has, in the meantime, fallen for him, she puts him in a managerial position, where he can't so easily flirt with other women. But Wetterstein is being pursued both by the police and creditors and disappears in quick order once again.


Die resolute Ellen übernimmt von ihrem Vater die Geschäftsführung des Grandhotels "Paradies" und setzt sofort alles daran, den Gewinn zu erhöhen. Als erstes dreht sie einem Theater, das ihr Vater finanziell gefördert hatte, den Geldhahn zu. Dann setzt sie den gutaussehenden Frauenschwarm Graf Wetterstein auf die Straße, der seit zwei Wochen seine Hotelrechnung nicht bezahlt hat. Der angebliche Graf nimmt daraufhin eine Stellung als Kellner im "Paradies" an, und da Ellen sich inzwischen in ihn verliebt hat, versetzt sie ihn alsbald ins Direktionsbüro, um andere Frauen von ihm fernzuhalten. Doch dann ist der von Polizei und Gläubigern verfolgte Wetterstein wieder verschwunden.


Coffee-table, E-Photobook -- with 681 pages, 457 of which contain single, original photos; 194 pages contain archive photos -- of Jewish sights and traces in Poland. This part covers Krakow and Malopolska. The photobook has been designed with the intent to show and inform the reader what Jewish heritage sights (and sites) are still existent in this part of Poland and what they can expect to see. While not developed as a travel guide, those interested in visiting Poland will find this an invaluable resource, whether they're visiting on a heritage tour, out of historical interest, or just want to sit at home and enjoy the subject matter. The table of contents below and the portion of the book's introduction will tell you what is covered in the E-book.










Coffee-table, E-Photobook -- with 731 pages, 547 of which contain single, original photos; 163 pages contain archive photos -- of Jewish sights and traces in Poland. This part covers Podlachia, Gdansk and East Prussia. The photobook has been designed with the intent to show and inform the reader what Jewish heritage sights (and sites) are still existent in this part of Poland and what they can expect to see. While not developed as a travel guide, those interested in visiting Poland will find this an invaluable resource, whether they're visiting on a heritage tour, out of historical interest, or just want to sit at home and enjoy the subject matter. The table of contents below and the portion of the book's introduction will tell you what is covered in the E-book.


Welcome to the seventh, and final, part of Jewish Traces in Poland, this time covering the areas known as Podlasie, Danzig and Ostpreussen (Podlachia, Gdansk and East Prussia). I admit to this region of Poland being one of my favorites to visit. Flat and filled with lakes it may be; but there is so much to see related not only to Jewish history, but to German, Byelorussian (Belarusian), Ukrainian and Polish culture and history, too. That’s been reflected in this part: not only will you see some of the most important places in Polish Jewish history, but you’ll visit Hanseatic ports, Orthodox Ukrainian and Belarusian churches of immense beauty, borderlands, and castles of Teutonic Knights. In those parts of the book where the places in question have no bearing on Jewish history, but are included because of their beauty, explanatory text is usually absent (the exception being the border locations).‚Äč




One day during the Second World War, a unit of British soldiers arrive in the small, English village of Bramley End.  It's the Whitsun weekend, so life is even quieter than usual and there's almost no traffic of any kind.  At first, the villagers welcome the soldiers; but then doubts arise as to their purpose and actual identities.  It soon turns out these English soldiers are actually an advance guard of the Wehrmacht, sent to soften things up for an impending invasion.  The civilians attempt to escape and warn the local Home Guard, but are ambushed and shot by the Germans.  It's up to the residents of Bramley End to somehow escape and alert British forces about the invaders, but will they succeed in doing their part to protect the Empire?




Geoffrey Carter, a British intelligence officer and commando, is sent to occupied France to blow up a munitions plant with the help of a farmer.  But the young saboteur has to contend with Odette Bonnard, a young French girl, who hates both the Germans and the British.
 AMARO  (1949)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Francesca may be a questionable hotel maid, but she's no thief.  But at the instigation of her boyfriend Walter, she steals a necklace and makes her getaway on a train full of peasants heading out to the rice fields to weed.  Unbeknownst to Francesca, however, there's a woman onboard, who's both a questionable weeder and a thief, who steals the necklace from Francesca.  The quick-fingered weed-puller, however, doesn't know the necklace has been stolen, nor does she know, that Francesca's boyfriend -- who knows, that Francesca knows the necklace is stolen and who now knows, who has it -- is going to seduce her with the intention of getting back the necklace which belongs neither to the farm girl nor Francesca -- nor for that matter, to him -- but doesn't care, as long as he gets back what he shouldn't have in the first place.  You following all this?





United Newsreel selections from the year 1942, mainly concentrating on the effort of the United States in WWII, but also covering events on other fields of the War. Unfortunately, the newsreels are grouped alphabetically by subject and not by date, so there is no particular chronological order to them. Nonetheless, very interesting material.










A senator from Hamburg, frozen in old-fashioned gentility, attempts to consolidate his cigarette factory by marrying off his daughter to the son of his competition. His eccentric, nosy old sister, with no life of her own back in southern Germany, sends him a lawyer to keep an eye on the going-ons in the house.


Ein in Vornehmheit erstarrter Hamburger Senator versucht, seine Zigarettenfabrik durch die Vermählung seiner Tochter mit dem Sohn seines Konkurrenten zu konsolidieren. Seine exzentrische, alte Schwester aus Süddeutschland schickt ihm jedoch einen forschen Rechtsanwalt als Kontrolleur ins Haus.






Professor Hellwig is a confirmed bachelor. He is a music historian and lives only for his passion. He has no patience for the ladies and does everything he can do drive them out of his classes by being super unfriendly. Even at home, he will only let himself be served by a man -- Sebastian. Sebastian, of course, doesn't let the professor know that he's actually married. Elli Martens, a student, who has gotten to know the professor through one of his classes, wants to cure the professor of his aversion to women, because she can't stand to see someone happy (what other reason can there be?). She decides to use her womanly guile to ensnare him. Posing as a married woman, who lost her husband in an auto accident during their honeymoon, she shows up at Hellwig's house on a stormy evening, begging for help. Hellwig is repulsed and tries to get rid of her as quickly as possible (AMEN!).


Professor Hellwig ist ein eingefleischter Junggeselle. Er ist Musikhistoriker und lebt nur seiner Wissenschaft. Er duldet weibliche Hörerinnen nur ungern in seinen Vorlesungen und versucht sie durch Unliebenswürdigkeit zu vertreiben. Selbst in seinem Landhaus lässt er sich nur von seinem Diener Sebastian betreuen. Dass Sebastian heimlich verheiratet ist, wird ihm aufs sorgfältigste verschwiegen. Elli Martens, eine Studentin, die den Professor in einer Vorlesung kennen gelernt hat, möchte ihn von seiner Marotte heilen, da sie es bedauerlich findet, dass solch ein prachtvoller Mann als Einspänner durchs Leben gehen will. Sie fasst den Entschluss, ihn mit List zu bekehren. Als verheiratete Frau, die angeblich auf der Hochzeitsreise durch eine Autopanne ihren Mann verloren hat, taucht sie hilfesuchend bei Nacht und Unwetter im Landhaus Hellwig auf. Hellwig ist entsetzt und versucht sie möglichst schnell wieder loszuwerden.
 HOLM  (1938)


In Bremen, that vaudeville dancer Graziella Holm receives a surprise visit from Dr. Korner from Berlin, a friend of her sister Jenny.  He’s trying to convince her to end her career as a dancer.  As she must desperately go to Hamburg for some reason, she takes him along in her car.  When they start quarreling while driving, she stops right in the middle of the highway and Korner leaves the car.  A short while later, Holm’s car is found crashed on the highway by the police.  Graziella is sitting dead in the car.  It is later determined that she was strangled.  They find a red thread under her fingernails, but this does not match the color of her dress.


In Bremen erhält die Varietétänzerin Graziella Holm einen überraschenden Besuch von Dr. Körner aus Berlin, einem Freund ihrer Schwester Jenny. Er will sie davon überzeugen, ihre Karriere als Tänzerin zu beenden. Da sie dringend nach Hamburg muss, nimmt sie ihn in ihrem Auto mit. Als es während der Fahrt zu einem Streit kommt, hält sie mitten auf der Autobahn an und Körner verlässt den Wagen.  Kurze Zeit später wird der verunglückte Wagen Holms von der Polizei an der Autobahn gefunden. Im Auto sitzt die tote Graziella. Sie ist, wie die Ermittler später feststellen, erwürgt worden. Unter einem Fingernagel der Ermorderten finden sie einen roten Faden, der nicht zur ihrer Kleidung passt.
 FIRE RAISERS (1934) * with hard-encoded Spanish subtitles *


The Fire Raisers (which is British slang for "arsonists") was inspired by the true story of Leopold Harris, an insurance assessor convicted of arson. In the film, the part of Harris is recreated in the character Jim Bronson, an ambitious assessor intent on marrying the daughter of a successful underwriter at the prestigious Lloyds of London. Bronson uses less than laudable means to improve his financial situation and, against the wishes of the father, convinces the director's daughter to marry him. But, as is so often the case in life, Bronson can't leave well enough alone and ends up gambling away most of his ill-earned fortune. And not having learned anything from the whole affair, he concludes the best way to save face and regain his lost money is to get involved with arsonists. In an "et tu, Brutus" moment, Bronson's assistant, Bates, becomes suspicious of him and helps a company representative infiltrate the gang of arsonists Bronson's involved with. This turns out to be not so great an idea after all, when the crooks suspect something's not kosher. They beat Bates to pulp and leave him to die in a vault while they turn their attention to the spy he brought into their midst ... all of this unknown to Bronson. Eventually, Bronson discovers his clever, but not-so-street-smart assistant in the vault, has a change of heart, and tries to rescue the other Lloyd's employee before the arsonists get to him and turn him into the ingredients for blood pudding. If any of that didn't make sense to you in English, worry not: the film has hard-encoded Spanish subtitles for you to practice your foreign language skills and to help clarify anything not clear in the accents of 1930s British English.
 INS GLÜCK (1945)


Celia Lovengaart was formerly involved with the theatre and was able to live a carefree life. But now she's in financial difficulties. The court appointed trustee gives her some money for her trip to Tirol, where she's going to visit her daughter Susanne, who was raised by her grandparents. Susanne is supposed to marry Richard, whom she can't stand and her mother tolerates him even less. Celia wants to help her daughter, but that's easier said than done: Richard knows about her past and is blackmailing her to keep her nose out of his affairs. If she doesn't, he'll tell the consul Hoyermann, Susan's guardian, about all and there'll be a big stink.


Celia Lövengaart war früher beim Theater und konnte ein sorgloses Leben führen. Jetzt aber steckt sie in finanziellen Schwierigkeiten, doch der Gerichtsvollzieher lässt ihr das Geld für eine Reise nach Tirol. Dort will sie ihre Tochter Susanne besuchen, die bei den Großeltern aufwächst. Susanne soll Richard heiraten, den sie aber nicht leiden kann, und der auch ihrer Mutter nicht sympathisch ist. Die soll nun ihrer Tochter helfen. Das ist nicht so einfach, denn Richard erpresst Celia mit ihrer bewegten Vergangenheit und droht, es Konsul Hoyermann, Susannes Vormund, zu erzählen, wenn sie der Verbindung nicht zustimmt.





ILYA MUROMETS (1956) * with switchable English subtitles *

In medieval Rus, the aging hero Svyatogor gives his sword to some traveling pilgrims to be passed on to a new savior. Meanwhile, Tatars from the east --- identified in the film as "Tugars", a fictional name invented out of political correctness --- are ravaging and pillaging the land. They raid the village where the lame Ilya Muromets lives and abduct his love, Vassilisa. A boyar, Mishatychka, is caught by the Tugars and swears to serve them if they spare his life. Soon, the pilgrims with Svyatogor's sword come upon the house of Ilya Muromets and cure his ailment with a magical potion and a magical song. They also give him the magic sword. Ilya arrives in Kyiv and insults a Tugar messenger sent by the Khan, who has come to demand twelve years’ worth of taxes in advance from the Kyivians. When the Khan's messenger throws a sword at Ilya, Ilya throws it back at the messenger's stomach, cutting him down while the rest of the Tugars run off. Ilya departs from the pregnant Vassilisa to fight the Turgars. Upon leaving, he expresses his wish for her to bear a son, to be called Sokolnichek (Little Falcon), who will become heroic warrior. Unfortunately, Vassilisa is abducted by the Tugars. Mishatychka has become an important adviser to Lyiv's Prince Vladimir and tricks him into believing that Ilya is disloyal to him. Ilya is imprisoned in the castle's dungeons where he will eventually spend ten years deprived of food by Mishatychka. Soon, the Khan attacks Kyiv again and Ilya is released from prison. The prince begs him to fight for Rus.








1936 British biopic about the life and genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the strongpoint of which is the wonderful interpretation of the composer's music by Sir Thomas Beecham and the London Philharmonic Orchestra.


Im Libretto abgewandelte Verfilmung der gleichnamigen Operette von Oscar Straus: In Petersburg vor dem Ersten Weltkrieg verliebt sich der zweite Adjutant des Großfürsten in eine verarmte Generalsnichte und verteidigt sie handgreiflich gegen die Zudringlichkeit des Potentaten. Nach allerlei Ungemach retten sich die Liebenden über die finnische Grenze.


The libretto in this film based on the operetta by Oscar Straus has been modified somewhat.  In pre-WWI Petersburg, the Second Adjutant to the Grand Duke falls in love with the poor niece of a general and defends her against the intrusiveness of the potentate.  After all sorts of adversity, the lovers make it to safety across the Finnish border.






THE VOW  (1937)  * with hard-encoded English subtitles *


Two friends make a sacred pledge committing their newborn children, Rachel and Mendel, to marry one another.  Years pass and Rachel's father dies.  The two children, knowing nothing of the pact their fathers made, meet for the first time and fortuitously fall in love.  Mendel's father, however, insists his son go to Yeshiva in Vilna to study and Rachel's rich, old landlord insists on marrying her.











Achim und Vera sind befreundet und führen ein unbeschwertes und fröhliches Leben. Bis sie sich ernsthaft darüber streiten, wie sie die Silvesternacht verbringen wollen. Vera will mit Freunden feiern, während Achim eine einsame Berghütte vorzieht. So fährt er allein in die Berge. In der Hütte begegnet er der Studentin Susanne, gemeinsam verbringen sie die Silvesternacht, lernen sich kennen und lieben. Doch durch eine unglückliche Verwechslung verlieren sie sich aus den Augen. Auch ihre Namen und Adressen haben sie nicht ausgetauscht, und so wird ein Wiedersehen fast unmöglich.


Achim and Vera are friends and live an uncomplicated and happy life .... that is, until they get into their first serious argument on how they should spend New Years' Eve.  Vera wants to celebrate with friends, while Achim wants to go off to a lonely mountain hut.  And so, he goes off alone into the mountains.  In the hut, he meets the student Susanne, with whom he spends New Years' Eve; gets to know well; and falls in love with.  Unfortunately, through misfortune, they lose sight of each other afterwards.  They didn't even bother to exchange names and addresses!  And so, with Craigslist not yet in existence, it seems very unlikely they'll ever see one another again.






A must for anyone interested in Palestine before the creation of the Jewish state.  The film is a travelogue through the 1930s British Mandate, focusing on Jews living and working in the Holy Land.  Locations featured include important sites in Jeusalem; the Judean Hills; Mikhve Israel Agricultural School; Rishon le Zion; Rehovot; Nes Ziona; the Jezreel Valley; Tiberias; Lak Kinneret; Tel Aviv; etc.  The remainder of the DVDs consist of newsreels (mainly British Pathe) about Palestine and Israel from 1925 - 1949.











THE YIDDISH KING LEAR  (1935)  * with hard-encoded English subtitles *


During Seder, the pious, patriarchal father of three daughters announces, that he's dividing his fortune among them and going to Jerusalem to live out the remaining days of his life.  The father refuses to listen to the warning from his virtuous daughter, who defied his authority by becoming a student in St. Petersburg.  Soon, the scheming of one son-in-law and the self-righteous indolence of another soon results in poverty and disgrace for the father.  There will be lots of pain and agony --- especially for the viewers --- before the moral of the story reveals itself.









1092DIE FREMDE FRAU  (1939) * with hard-encoded Dutch subtitles *


Der finnische Reeder Hanno Kolehmainen verliebt sich in seine neue Sekretärin Anne Matthies, die wesentlich jünger ist als er. Kurz vor der Hochzeit merkt Anne, dass sie Hanno nicht liebt und flieht auf einem seiner Schiffe, der "Viipuri", ins Eismeer. Hanno folgt ihr mit seiner Yacht, doch bald stecken beide Schiffe im Eis fest. Auf der "Viipuri" verliebt sich Anne in den Steuermann Nils Lithberg, der versucht, Hanno davon zu überzeugen, dass der Kapitän Rauschgift schmuggelt.


The Finnish shipowner Hanno Kolehmainen falls in love with his new secretary, Anne Matthies, who is quite a bit younger than he.  Shortly before the wedding, Anna comes to the very inconvenient realization that she doesn't love Hanno and flees to one of his ships, the "Viipuri", which takes her off to the Arctic Ocean.  Hanno, who won't take "no" for an answer, stubbornly follows her in his yacht; but soon, both ships get stuck in the ice.  Meanwhile, fickle Anne has fallen in love with the Viipuri's pilot, Nils Lithberg, who tries to convince Hanno that the ship's captain is smuggling drugs.






Wenige Tage vor der geplanten Hochzeit wird Majoratsherr von Halleborg von einem furchtbaren Schicksalsschlag getroffen. Seine geliebte Braut Julia hat einen Reitunfall und erliegt ihren Verletzungen. Von Halleborg ist ein gebrochener Mann, nie wieder will er auch nur einen Gedanken an die Liebe verschwenden, sein Herz gehört Julia – auf ewig. Damit geht von Halleborg sogar das Risiko ein, seinen gesamten Besitz zu verlieren, denn nach den Majoratsbestimmungen geht sein Gut in andere Hände über, sollte er nicht bis zum 45. Lebensjahr geheiratet haben. Von Halleborg hat sich schon mit dieser Tatsache abgefunden, da erfährt er, dass der zukünftige Herr des Gutes, sein Neffe Oskar, ein eigennütziger und rücksichtsloser Kerl ist, dem es nur ums Geld geht.


A few days before the planned wedding of the chief inheritor von Halleborg, he experiences a terrible blow:  his beloved bride Julia has a riding accident and dies of her injuries.  Von Halleborg becomes a broken man and chooses not to waste another moment thinking of love -- his heart belongs to Julia ... forever.  In doing so, von Halleborg runs the risk of losing his entire estate, for the conditions of inheritance make all too clear that if he does not marry by his 45th birthday, the estate is to be turned over to someone else.  Von Halleborg had already made peace with this fact until he discovers that the future lord of the manor will be his nephew Oskar, a selfish and ruthless scoundrel, concerned only with money.




4798DER STUMME GAST  (1945)


Kriminalfilm nach Theodor Fontane: Der junge Gastwirt Raschek kann seiner hübschen Frau Hilda keinen Wunsch abschlagen – mit der Folge, dass er sich finanziell übernimmt. Sein hartnäckigster Gläubiger ist der skrupellose Kampmann, der zudem ein Auge auf Rascheks Frau geworfen hat. Nachdem Kampmann bei einem Kartenspiel Rascheks Gasthof gewonnen hat, kommt es zu einem heftigen Streit, als er Hilda bedrängt. Wenig später wird Kampmann ermordet aufgefunden. Der Verdacht fällt auf Raschek.


Crime drama based loosely on the novel by Theodor Fontane:  The young innkeeper Raschek can't resist granting his beautiful wife Hilda any wish she expresses --- with the consequence that he's financially in way over his head.  His most stubborn supporter is Kampmann, a man with few scruples and who has an eye on Raschek's wife.  After Kampmann wins at cards at Raschek's inn, there's a big fight after he hits up on Hilda.  A little bit later, Kampmann is found murdered and suspicion is directed at Raschek.






BALDUIN DAS NACHTGESPENST  (1968)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Balduin Mezeray ist Kunsthändler und zu Besuch bei einem seiner Künstler, dem ein alter Herr Modell sitzt. Gerade, als sich dieser wieder ankleiden will, entdeckt Mezeray auf dem Rücken des betagten Mannes einen „Modigliani“, ein Kunstwerk, das der Meister ihm in jungen Jahren im Krieg auf die Haut tätowiert hat.  Mezeray wittert das große Geschäft und bedrängt den Kriegsveteranen Legrain, ihm das Bild zu verkaufen. Dieser zögert zunächst, lässt sich dann aber doch auf das Geschäft ein, nachdem Balduin ihm zugesagt hat, sein Wochenend-Häuschen etwas auf Vordermann zu bringen. Letzteres stellt sich als baufälliges Schloss heraus und der Kriegsveteran als waschechter Graf. Immer noch das große Geschäft witternd, lässt sich Balduin so manche Macke des exzentrischen Aristokraten gefallen. Mit der Zeit bemerkt Balduin, dass der seltsame Herr ihm Dinge aufzeigt, die bisher an ihm vorübergegangen sind und der alte Graf entdeckt durchaus ehrliche und liebenswürdige Züge an dem scheinbar so geldgierigen Kunsthändler Balduin.


In an artist’s studio, rich Parisian art dealer Félicien Mézeray sees old soldier Legrain, whose back has a tattoo by Modigliani. This he sells unseen to two American dealers and the rest of the film revolves around his efforts to literally get the skin off Legrain’s back. The price Legrain wants is the restoration of his old family home in the country, which turns out to be the huge crumbling castle of Paluel in remote Périgord, while he turns out to be the last and extremely eccentric Count of Montignac.






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