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RETURN OF THE GLADIATOR (1971) * with English and Italian audio tracks *

Bitto Albertini Brad Harris ... Marzio Massimo Serato Massimo Serato ... Caio Appio Quintilliano (as John Barracuda) Raf Baldassarre Raf Baldassarre ... The Fox Michel Lemoine Michel Lemoine ... Sevio Maria Pia Conte Maria Pia Conte ... Licia Adler Gray Adler Gray ... Diana Margaret Rose Keil Margaret Rose Keil ... Caio Appio's Sister Paolo Rosani Paolo Rosani ... Claudio Alberto Farnese Alberto Farnese ... Tullio Valerio (as Albert Farley) Attilio Dottesio Attilio Dottesio ... Manlio, Licia's Father (as Attilio D'Ottesio) Carla Mancini Carla Mancini ... Christian Woman in Catacombs Filippo Perego Filippo Perego ... Diana's Father Sergio Serafini Sergio Serafini ... A Soldier

In 310 AD, the Roman Empire is under threat by traitors within the Roman government. After continuous attacks on their northern borders by hordes of Germanic barbarians, Centurion Marcus discovers that the invaders have been supplied with Roman weapons and equipment. Proconsul Tullius Valerius suspects that Gaius Appius Quintillianus, the provincial governor of the northern Germanic states, is secretly collaborating with those barbarian chiefs plotting to end Roman rule. Valerius decides to attack the barbarians, which he knows will be heavily criticised by the senators in Rome, and puts Marcus in command of the operation. Newly promoted vice-consul Marcus, a former gladiator, and his two faithful friends must go undercover to find the truth and discover the traitors behind this treacherous plot before it's too late.

DVD-R has both English and Italian audio tracks, but no subtitles. Approx. 85 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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