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OMOKAGE (1948) * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *

Ichirô Ryûzaki ... Kawasaki Ichirô Sugai Ichirô Sugai ... Inagaki Yuriko Hamada Yuriko Hamada ... Sachiko Setsuko Wakayama Setsuko Wakayama ... Kaoru Susumu Ôkubo Susumu Ôkubo ... Takashi Ranko Akagi Ranko Akagi ... Fukuko Chishû Ryû Chishû Ryû ... Doctor Eitarô Shindô Eitarô Shindô ... Executive Kokuten Kôdô Kokuten Kôdô ... Barber Kôji Kawamura Kôji Kawamura Nobumitsu Mochizuki Nobumitsu Mochizuki ... Fisherman Yaeko Izumo Yaeko Izumo ... Oshige Akiko Shimo Akiko Shimo ... Village woman Yuriko Tanima Yuriko Tanima ... Maid Taizô Fukami Taizô Fukami ... Executive Takashi Kitagawa Takashi Kitagawa ... Executive

During his summer holiday, Kawasaki Ryuichi, a handsome engineer in his late twenties, visits his teacher and mentor, Professor Inagaki, at his seaside home. There he meets the professor's lovely young wife, Sachiko, and is unsettled by the striking resemblance she bears to his wife, who died three years earlier. Attracted to Sachiko, he does his best to hide his feelings. The couple, however, senses a deep-seated melancholy in him. Attributing it to the loss of his wife, they urge him to marry their niece, Kaoru, but he is not interested. Shortly after, Fumiko , Sachiko's older sister, realizes that Sachiko and Kawasaki have feelings for each other, but she holds her tongue. One day Kawasaki, Sachiko, and Kaoru go boating when a storm forces them to stay overnight at a hotel. Unable to sleep, Kawasaki takes a walk along the beach where he finds Sachiko, also unable to sleep. 

DVD-R is in Japanese with switchable English and Spanish subtitles.  Approx. 95 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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