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JASSY (1947) * with English and Spanish audio tracks *

Directed by Bernard Knowles Written by Dorothy Christie Campbell Christie Geoffrey Kerr Margaret Lockwood as Jassy Woodroofe Patricia Roc as Dilys Helmar Dennis Price as Christopher Hatton Basil Sydney as Nick Helmar Dermot Walsh as Barney Hatton Esma Cannon as Lindy Wicks Cathleen Nesbitt as Elizabeth Twisdale Linden Travers as Beatrice Helmar Nora Swinburne as Mrs. Hatton Ernest Thesiger as Sir Edward Follesmark Jean Cadell as Meggie Grace Arnold as Housemaid John Laurie as Tom Woodroofe Grey Blake as Stephen Fennell Bryan Coleman as Sedley – the architect Clive Morton as Sir William Fennell Torin Thatcher as Bob Wicks Beatrice Varley as Mrs. Wicks Eliot Makeham as Moult – the butler Maurice Denham as Jim Stoner Alan Wheatley as Sir Edward Walker – Prosecuting Counsel Hugh Pryse as Sir John Penty – Defending Counsel

Christopher Hatton owns the country estate, Moderlaine. While Hatton's son Barney has a romantic tryst with Dilys Helmar, Hatton loses his estate in a game of dice to Dilys' father, Nick. The Hattons are forced to move to a cottage in a nearby village. One day, Barney sees some villagers attacking a young woman, whom he rescues. She is Jassy Woodroofe, daughter of Tom Woodroofe and a gypsy mother. Jassy has the gift of second sight, which causes the villagers to regard her as a witch. Mrs Hatton hires Jassy as a domestic servant. Meanwhile, blacksmith Bob Wicks whips his daughter Lindy so badly, she becomes mute, despite Tom Woodroofe coming to her rescue. Nick Helmar and his family move into Moderlaine. Nick allows Christopher Hatton to continue gambling. When Hatton is caught cheating, he kills himself.

DVD-R has both English and Spanish audio tracks with no subtitles. Approx. 97 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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